Monday, August 11, 2008

Virginia Air & Space Muesum

In case you're wondering if we did go the Virginia Air and Space Museum last weekend as I said we were going to. We did. It was just that last week was just too busy to be able to wait for EVER for blogger to upload the pictures and then tell me it didn't work so I could try it all over again.

So here it is:

One of the "traveling" exhibits that they had was Candy Unwrapped. It was a pretty cool exhibit - although I thought it an odd exhibit to have at an Air and Space Museum. Here is a picture of Shitface, Boy 1 and Girl trying to see how much sugar they could burn in one minute.

After the candy exhibit, it was off to see what we had gone there in the first place to see - planes! Here are a few of the cool ones that I liked.

They also had bumper boats outside (again not sure what they had to do with Air and Space but hey - who am I to judge) that Girl and Boy 1 loved. And it wasn't busy so the nice guy running it actually let the kids ride for almost 20 minutes!!

One of the other cool exhibits that they had was a full size Air Tran plane that you could walk through and there were flying games, etc inside. Along with this they had a luggage area where the kids could load the luggage on the conveyor and wait for it to drop out the other end. Here is a picture of Boy 1 and Girl trying to enjoy this.

And I say trying because as you can see from the picture there was another little bratty spoiled girl there who kept grabbing all 3 pieces of luggage at once and not letting Girl and Boy 1 participate. And the mother just watched on as if her daughter was doing nothing wrong.

It gets hard to explain to my kids why they can't act that way when we come in contact with so many other kids whose parents don't give a damn what their kids are doing!

Here is Shitface pretending to be an astronaut

And just so you know that I was actually on this trip too - here is me pretending to be an astronaut as well!

And Boy 2 was with us but he spent most of the day in the stroller so there's no good pictures of him from the day either!

All in all in was a pretty fun day at the museum. Oh and we also got to go on the historic carousel that was right next to the museum. (No pictures of that though - Shitface took them and the ride was moving a little to fast for him to be able to take any decent pictures.) But trust me - we had fun!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast! We enjoyed the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola a couple of years ago. It's the home of the Blue Angels, and they practice there every morning. If you show up, you can watch the practices. It was great.

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