Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From the Mouth of....

Here were some of the conversations heard while driving back home to Maryland:

Girl: The trees in Maryland are so beautiful. They're so more beautiful than the ones in Virginia.

Boy 1: Yea I know. And the little ones are Sooooooo Cute!

Girl: Yea I know. Maryland is great!

(Do you think they are happy to be home too?!?)


Boy 1: Will you stop blessyouing on me!!

(Yes, Girl was having a sneezing fit...)


Boy 1: Can you make the dog stop ruffing?

Me: You mean barking?

Boy 1: No I mean ruffing!


Shannon said...

I seem to remember you asking me to "itch your scratch" at least once when we were kids. This sounds an awful lot like Boy 1's ruffing comment, if you ask me! :-)

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