Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From the Mouth of....

Here you can see Boy 1 partaking in his new favorite activity:

Tree Climbing

Yup, the boy thinks that he's a monkey.

I went outside to check on them and he came running over to show me this:

(I see now that you can't really see but right below his knees where it looks a little pink - they're scratches...)

Me: What happened?

Boy 1: Oh, my skin just crawled off when I was getting out of the tree.

Me: It did what?

Boy 1: It crawled off!

Me: Oh, ok.


ToadMama said...

"Crawled off"? That boy really does come up with some doozies.

I am looking forward to your impending return to MD so I can experience him "live" again! Although I do enjoy reading the conversation snippets in your blog.

Amy said...

Mom- I'll have to let you do a guest blog one day for From the Mouth of because I know you have some good ones too!

Shannon said...

That's awesome!

Beck said...

Yeouch! poor little knees....

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