Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes, I'm still alive!

I got a call last night making sure I was ok. Why you ask? (I asked too!)

Because I didn't have anything to post yesterday, so I posted nothing and I guess that just wasn't good enough for my loyal readers reader.

I'm stuck in the same thing today - extreamly busy with work and not really much time to post anything; not that anything interesting has happened here this week unless you want to talk about one of the following:

  • the kids arguing.
  • me counting down the days til school/daycare starts (there's 9 in case you're wondering)
  • the dead decomposing animal under our rental house here in VA that stinks like you wouldn't believe!
  • the kids aruging AGAIN.
  • the dead animal removal guy who came today and said he wasn't crawling under the house because there was a spider infestation (like 200 +)
  • Girl stomping her feet and getting mad because we wern't doing anything "fun" this week -and now realizing that I've turned them into spoiled brats by doing that all summer!
  • the dead animal removal guy telling me there were probably magots and black widow spiders all over the dead animal by now and the smell should go away in another day or so(and me about puking from the thought of it)

But I figured I had to post something just to ensure my readers reader that I was alive and well - just overworked, tired and ready to go home!

Hopefully something interesting happens sometime this week so I can have something to blog about.


ToadMama said...

At least your know your loyal reader cares!

Mike said...

Well, since I'm the one that talked to you and told you to look under the house for the source of your odor, I saw no need to post :-)

Shannon said...

Ewww, seriously? I think I just threw up a little - that's revolting. Spiders, and maggots, and dead animals, oh my! Come home soon - your house here doesn't have those problems!

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