Monday, August 4, 2008

9 Reasons Husbands Should Not Grocery Shop

Well at least my husband anyway!

1. A can of green beans you ask? Yes. Do you know what that red tag says? Yup - it says No Salt Added. Do you know what no salt added green beans taste like? Yup, right again - CRAP!

2. Four cans of formula? Boy 2 is 1 and we're trying to get him off formula (long story for another time) so why do we need four $25 cans of formula!!

3. Bread - innocent enough. When we're home we normally buy 2 loafs at a time. Key words being when we're home! So he buys 2 loafs of bread on top of the 1 (full loaf on the left) we already had and we have NO freezer space to store them.

4. Bounty paper towels. They suck! And we just had this conversation less then a week ago. If they can't stand up to wiping Boy 2's hands after eating - they're crap!

5. Dog food. When did we start feeding our dog wet dog food?

6. Snacks. Not bad but I said get a couple - meaning 1 or 2. Did I mention that we're only here for another 2 1/2 weeks! There is no way we're going to eat all that before we leave. (And no I'm not moving it back with us - we have enough to move already!)

7. Four Minute MeatLoaf Meal. Great! We always buy these at home where we have a microwave! (What's that you say?? The package is empty? I know nothing like a 4 minute meal taking 30 in an oven!)

8. And the deodorant. Do you see the other one peeping out from behind the new one? Well that one is also new - from 2 days ago! Not a big deal you think - save it. Well I would if it worked!! I just told him the day before that the stuff was crap. And at $8.00 a piece (their clinical strength) another waste of money!

9. And to top it all off - not one SINGLE coupon was used!!


Molly C. said...

I refuse to let my dh go grocery shopping by himself. Otherwise we would have several bags of chips, soda, expensive cheese & a package of expensive meat. Which would be great if he were a bachelor, rather than a dh with 5 kids. lol

ToadMama said...

Uh, Alpo gives my dogs really bad diarrhea, so watch out! I've talked to others who say the same thing. Good luck!

And what is wrong with Bounty paper towels? That's all we buy.

Amy said...

Molly- I guess I can be greatful that mine follows a list that I give him - well except for all that extra junk he bought.

Mom- I won't feed him the wet stuff so if he gets diarrhea it's all on Shitface. And Bounty papertowels rip as soon as I try to wipe Boy 2 down after dinner...

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