Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Trucker Game

Do you remember that game you use to play as a kid - the one where you would hold your hand in a fist and move your arm up and down when you passed a big rig and try to get them to honk at you? No - then there's no need to read any further as you won't understand. Yes - then continue reading!

On our trip back from Virginia I decided I would teach the kids how to play that game. I know I always loved it when I was a kid and I figured it would keep them occupied for a while.

They were really excited when I pulled up to the first truck. He didn't honk though. Then they were excited when I pulled up along side another truck. He didn't honk either. This continued for quite sometime - actually a really, really long time.

I was beginning to wonder if truckers even played this game with kids anymore. Surprisingly the kids weren't getting tired of trying though. So we continued on.

Finally the kids decided they thought the truckers couldn't see them because of the tint on the window so they asked if I could roll the back window down for them. Which of course I did because I'm the nice mom.

It wasn't until we got to I-95 that the kids got their first honk. And boy were they excited! They squealed and giggled like no tomorrow. Of course since I love to hear them so innocent and so excited I speed up to catch up to the next trucker. No such luck this time.

We did end up getting 6 or so truckers to honk at us. And I say "us" because I kind of got into it too. I raced and weaved in and out of 4 lanes of traffic so I could catch up to the next trucker only to then slow down and drive next to them so the kids could try again.

So to anyone out there who may have been stuck behind or around my SUV on I-95 N last Friday afternoon - I apologize to you all. But seriously if you would have heard their excitement you would have understood.


Anonymous said...

You should consider driving a little more carefully with our kids in the car. If you want to play that game while you are alone, by all means....

Love ya

Michelle said...

I remember doing that when I was a kid going on long road trips! I thought I heard/read somewhere that truckers don't, or can't, do that anymore...maybe that's why it took a few tries before you found someone who would :)

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