Friday, May 30, 2008

Baby Steps

So I just finished putting the boys to bed and as I sat and watched them play and wrestle before bed I was thinking back to this time last year. I was as big as a house - pregnant at the time with Boy 2. Boy 2 was born July 5th and at this time last year - I had another month and a couple days to go. It really doesn't seem like it was all that long ago as I have vivid memories of being pregnant.

It really is amazing how fast they grow up. In Boy 2's first 11 months of life, he has had so many firsts - his first roll, his first foods, his first sitting up, his first tooth, his first pulling up, his first Christmas and Easter and even his first walking as he started that at a little over 9 months. And only 1 more month before his first birthday!!

While I'm happy Shitface and I have made the decision to have no more kids (at this rate they'll all be out of the house and self supporting by the time we're in our early to mid-forties), at times I miss them being so little - the days and nights when they would fall asleep in your arms and they want nothing more than to hold on to Mom. Oh, those were the days -- I guess they all have to start growing up and becoming more independent or I wouldn't be doing my job. But I'm still entitled to be sad about it.

And on a side note (well kinda) - I swear that Boy 2 is starting to say actual words. And I mean besides da (daddy) and ba (bottle). - he says: bye, doggie, kitty cat and your welcome. I know some; including Shitface think I'm crazy!! But every time you say lets go bye-bye or the dog starts barking or he sees the cat at daycare or even when you tell him thank you - he makes the same sounds and to me it sounds like those words. So maybe I'm just hearing what I want to hear because of lack of normal adult conversation or maybe I'm just plain crazy. I guess we'll never know!

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frugal. (Who Me???)

  1. economical, avoiding waste, thrift
Ok, so maybe I have fallen into that category lately. But you know it's not a bad thing. When you have two households to support (including: mortgage, rent, 2 cable bills, 2 phone bills, 2 internet bills, 2 water bills, 2 grocery bills, etc) it really helps to be frugal. {In case you don't know - Shitface is currently away at school for 8 months and we're renting another house so we can go visit during the summer}

Anyway, I had my grocery trip planned for today, so last night I was literally up until midnight finding coupons online that I could print for my trip today. And just so everyone knows - I saved 7% today. I was hoping for more but they didn't have all the stuff I had coupons for so I had to substitute. I'm hoping for 10% next time - but I'll probably have to go without Boy 2 for that to be possible.

Some of my other frugal ways include:

1. Well we're military (duh) - so I shop at the commissary where prices are always lower. And they often have case lot sales if you have the place to store it. (Which unfortunately, I don't) If you're not military, perhaps you have a friend that is. I take friends with me all the time, just ask them - I'm sure they'll be willing to take you.

2. Get coupons online. There are tons of free coupons sites online. Just Google free coupons. Also if you know the brand you are looking for you can always check out their site too. Manufacturers often have coupons directly on their site that you can print.

3. Look at the weekly sales ads for the store that you're going to - I think they can all be found online too. Plan your shopping around what is on sale for the week.

4. Buy produce at your local farmers market. Not only are you supporting the local farmers and their stuff is always fresher - but it is generally substantially cheaper too!

5. Stock up on clearance items for future seasons. At the end of every season, I always get items for the kids for the following year. (And it's not like kids clothes that young go out of style.) I already have jeans and long-sleeve shirts for all the kids put up in their closet. Than when school shopping comes around - you don't have to pay the astronomical prices or deal with the crowds!

6. If you're not already familiar with Mir's site, WantNot - check it out. She always has tons of great deals on stuff. Some of it you may need now and other stuff you may want to stock up on if it's a great price. And believe me, she has a little bit of everything.

7. Look on Craig's List to see if you have a site in your area. There are a lot of things that are barely used or even new on this site. We practically furnished our entire "other" place by stuff we got on Craig's List. And I've been able to sell a lot of stuff too - which is nice because it gives me some extra spending money for stocking up on kids clothes.

8. Check out Free Cycle to see if there is a site in your area too. This site only has free things listed on it. They do require that you do an equal share of "giving" as you do "taking" but that only seems fair to me. Beware though that items seem to go fast (at least in my area anyway) and you really need to be on-top of it if you really want something.

9. Check out my site. If I come across something that by chance (which isn't often) isn't already on Mir's site - than I'll post it here for you. I actually have one today ...

If you like New York & Company - than this is the time to shop.

Use Promo code 6472 for purchases of $75 or more and take $30 off.
Use Promo code 6500 for purchases of $150 or more and take $60 off.

Offer good May 29th through June 1st. You can still use the same promo codes from June 2nd through June 16th but the discounts drop to $25 and $50.

Enjoy - Off to do my "Parenting Duties".

Follow - Up Wednesday

So I realized that some people (well probably not, but I'm just dreaming) may be wondering the outcome on some of my past posts. So here it is:

Stupid School Nurse
The school nurse finally today (a week later) called me back. After explaining to her my complaints, she took full responsibility for not notifying me that drops were put in my daughter's eye. Good - I'm glad we agree on that. However, than she went to say that protocol is that they call me and I have to come pick her up so they were trying to alleviate that. Well you know what - if that is what your damn protocol is - THAN DO IT!! I would rather know what is being put in her eye!

Than she continued to tell me that at NightTime Pediatrics (where she works at night) it is standard to issue an antibiotic eye drop if they have reason to believe a child may have pink eye. Well you know what - I didn't take my kid to NightTime Pediatrics!! I sent her to school and didn't and don't expect her to come home with prescriptions! And than to top it off, towards the end of our conversation (that was really going no where) she told me that she uses Visine drops all the time and that's pretty much the only thing she uses personally for any sort of "red-eye" because they can get rid of most viral or bacterial infections as well as clear up the red. And I thought - than why the hell did you write me a prescription and not send home a note suggesting I get some Visine!

My Crying Eye
Well I got the prescription filled and I used it for a few days (ok, maybe only 2 - ok, ok - it was only 1 1/2). I stopped using it because my eye stopped watering. Literally the day after I got the prescription - it just stopped! Maybe the medicine worked - or maybe it's just Murphy's Law. A waste of my entire day - only for it to go away the next. At least I don't have to have them "clean" out the passage way!

Student Support Center
No new news really. Girl is still going to bed early every night this week to ensure that she is not tired in class anymore so she can listen. (I know I'm such a mean mom - at least that's what she thinks)

And I end with a new note. I have a new Boy 1 story. Completely random sitting at the dinner table it goes like this:

Boy 1: Mommy, does your body hurt?
Me: {Thinking - Oh God - where is this going? It can't possibly be good!} No, Why?
Boy 1: Because you don't have a pee!
Me: Where did you get that idea?
Boy 1: Because I know girls don't have them - you told me.
Me: I did what?!??! Why are you asking this anyway?
Boy 1: I don't know.

End of conversation - he got up and walked away!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Zoo Trips

Both Girl and Boy 1 are going on zoo trips tomorrow with their schools. No not the same zoo - different zoos. Girl is going to the Baltimore National Zoo and Boy 1 is going to the Plumpton Park Zoo. And after the night I had I feel like they should be taking me and dropping me off!

I'm not really sure why tonight was so bad - nothing catastrophic happened or anything. I guess I was just in one of those moods. I'm sure it didn't help either that they had been gone for 3 nights and I had peace and quiet - well besides Shitface - that I temporarily forgot how to deal with the 3 of them yelling and screaming and arguing about absolutely nothing!

Tonight is one of those nights where Mommy Needs a Cocktail is so true. And that is just what I did after I got them all off to bed....hence the short post :-)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Finally Have Them Back

I know, I know - I was so excited to get a long weekend away from the kids, but boy was I ready to have them back. I always seem to forget how much I miss them until they're gone. And it was only 3 nights! I really can't imagine how Shitface feels every week having to be gone Monday through Friday and only seeing them 2 days a week! And since I went down there this weekend - it will be 2 whole weeks without seeing them. And yea, he talks to them every night (well at least Girl and Boy 1) but that just isn't the same when you can't hold them and see them.

So we were driving home and Boy 1 was sleeping (of course, because why have naps at Grandma's and Pop-Pop's?). Girl was entertaining Boy 2 by making noises and popping around the carseat making faces. Boy 2, I kid you not, giggled and laughed for 30 minutes straight because of all of this! There is nothing like baby laughter to light up your day. After 5 1/2 hours on the road - I found myself smiling from ear to ear. There's really nothing that compares to that sound.

Girl and I also played the Alphabet game to pass some time. (You know the one where you go back and forth naming something that starts with each letter.) Our first topic was animals. We were on a roll until we got to "N". Do you know how hard it is to think of an animal that starts with the letter "N". I'm sure you come up with the actual name of an animal - not that a 7 year old would know what you were talking about though. Finally I came up with Newt - which to my surprise she knew exactly what it was!

Our next topic was names. Again, everything was going fine until we got to the letter "U". I still can't think of a name that starts with the letter U. I easily could have made something up and she never would have known otherwise - but I don't cheat (ok, not normally and not at kid games anyway)- and so she won that game. Does anyone else know a name that starts with "U"? (And don't go googling it - I mean off the top of your head) Actually - I just thought of it. Ursella. (Phoebe's twin sister from Friends) Damn - a little late I guess!

Have a great rest of the week - it's a short one!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?!?!?!?!

So my wonderful children continue to be little bad asses this week. Well actually Girl is still in trouble from yesterday. However, Boy 1 decided that he thought it would be a great idea to not listen today as well and than he thought an even better idea would be to hit his teacher!!

I swear my kids are really not rotten kids and are generally very well behaved kids!! I just don't know what has gotten into them this week. (Boy 1 got in trouble earlier this week as well, but I don't know if I blogged about it or not). I swear every time they know they are going to Grandma and Pop-Pop's house they have bad weeks. I am really starting to wonder if they know that I won't take that away from them so they figure they can be as bad as they want and they'll still get to go and have a blast and get what ever it is that they want while they're there.

So both Girl and Boy 1 spent the evening on their rooms - which left me with only Boy 2. Which generally wouldn't of been horrible but he was home with me all day and was tired of seeing me. He was definitely upset when both Girl and Boy 1 went to their rooms and shut the door and left him to be left standing in the hallway by himself. He tried and tried to bang the doors down but sadly didn't succeed.

Lucky me though, I'm kid free this weekend and I'm going down to visit with Shitface so he doesn't have to drive home yet again. Yea, it'll be a pain in the ass to pack up 3 kids and everything that 3 kids need for a 3 night sleepover at Grandma and Pop-Pop's (I might as well just rent an RV and leave it there cause I swear that's how much stuff we take), plus get everything packed for the dog - not to mention stuff for myself (hopefully I'll have some room in the truck for my stuff!) but it will be worth it in the end. 3 nights of peace - well as peaceful as it can be with Shitface anyway :-) Hell, it's not going to be peaceful at all, what am I talking about!! It will probably be worse because he won't have the kids to pick on so all his "picking" energy is going to be on me! Maybe I'll stay home after all.....

So just as a warning - it will be quite possible - almost certainty - that I will not be posting while I am gone as I don't plan on going anywhere near a computer the whole time! Hopefully I'll be back and remember to post something somewhat comical Monday night.

Student Support Center

I pick Girl up from the youth center today and she tells me she didn't have a good day. I asked her what happened and she said she got sent to the Student Support Center. That is the elementary language for getting In-School Suspension!

I couldn't believe it - my precious little angel - had in school suspension. Well actually, I could believe it. As even her teacher will tell you she is going to make one hell of a lawyer some day. The child will argue and argue with you until she gets her point across. If you really stop to think about it, to a 7 year old her logic makes perfect sense! However, its the way she goes about doing it that always seems to get her in trouble. She just doesn't know when to stop and when enough is enough. A lesson Shitface and I have been trying to teach her for some time.

So her teacher does card changes with them. Essentially they all start out of green in the morning and than they move to yellow and than to red if they are not having a good day. Most times she gives them an opportunity to make it up and move back up to a better color. Girl knows from past experiences that red is just not acceptable. (She had to learn the hard way of course - but that's a whole other story that involved her trying to cross out the "R" on her behavior report and make it a "G" and than lying about it)

Girl was apprently having a rough morning and not listening when told to do something the first time and so she was changed to yellow. I guess she never really redeemed herself during the morning to mid afternoon because by 12:30 she was getting another card change to red for being disrespectful. Of course by this time, she wants to beg and plead with her teacher to please change it back and that she will "change her attitude around" (something we hear often and have grown tired of hearing). After arguing with her teacher and not getting the response she wanted, Girl than proceeded to cry and scream and yell (mind you, as I posted earlier this week - is just not allowed in my house) and disrupt the classroom. At which time she was sent out of class to the "Student Support Center" aka In-School Suspension. During this time she had to complete an assignment on why it is important to listen to your teacher.

So after her telling me the story, I was trying to pry and get a little more detail out of her so I could figure out a proper punishment. The conversation:

Me: So why weren't you listening to your teacher today?

Girl: I don't know

Me: Well you have to have a reason

Girl: Well because I wanted to go to bed early

Me: Well good - for being a smart ass - you're going to bed early for the next week!!

Girl: No I meant last night I wanted to go to bed early

Me: Oh well, you're going to bed early every day next week

Girl assumed that she would be getting sent to bed early anyway and so she tried to use that against me. Unlucky for her - it backfired!! She really does think she's slick - one day maybe she'll learn.

So in addition to that punishment, she also had to write an apology to her teacher and than I made her gather all her High School Musical Stuff (which mind you, to her is the next best thing to candy) and put it in a trash bag. She was not the least bit happy with me and is still wondering if I'm actually going to throw all her of her favorite stuff away. Little does she know that all that stuff cost way to much money for me to just throw away. I guess one day she'll realize this - but hopefully it won't be too soon.


Lucky for me after all of this tonight was TTT - which is short for Thirsty Third Thursday. I know tonight is Wednesday but we had to reschedule. TTT is when my mom and my sister and I get together and go out to dinner and have a few drinks. We generally do it on the third Thursday of every month - that way none of the "spouses" can be upset that they didn't know we had plans.

So anyway, I got to go out and enjoy a couple hours of peace and quite and some much needed adult conversation. I'm off to bed now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mother/Daughter Eye Bonding

Daughter Eye Problem

Girl wakes up this morning and shows me her eye. I look at it and say, "Yea, it's a little blood-shot, you're fine and yes you're still going to school." I didn't really know what, if anything, was wrong with it, but I told her I would look at it again when she got home.

When Girl gets home today she tells me that she complained to her teacher about her eye and was sent to the nurses office. (Of course, I figured she would complain because that's just what she does!) Here's the rest of the conversation:

Girl: The nurse put eye drops in my eye.

Me: The nurse did WHAT?!?!?!?!

Girl: Yea, she did it the first time and....

Me: WHAT, she did it more than once!?!?!?!

Girl: Well yea - she wanted to see if the redness would go away - but anyway I have a note in my folder.

So I figured ok, I'll see what the note says. So we get home and I tell her I want to see the note. I figure the note is going to tell me what happened and what they did to her.... I figured wrong! The note simply stated that she had been seen in the nurses office for an eye irritation and in parenthesis it said probably allergies. Further down on the note it said that I should have the enclosed prescription filled just to prevent any possibility that it could be pink eye and that there was no need to keep her home unless she had fevers or discharge from her eye.

I couldn't believe it! Not only did it not mention that they put anything in her eye but the school nurse was sending home a prescription!!! I was furious as I assume many others would be as well. (However, as a side note - Shitface was totally not upset over this whole thing. He couldn't figure out why I was making such a big deal out of it.) While I know (at least I think I do) that Girl is not allergic to anything, but how on earth can someone else just assume that. What if she woke up in the middle of the night and her eye was swollen and I had to rush her to the emergency room - what would I have told them. Uh...I think someone put something in it, but don't ask me what.... And than to write me a prescription, which I later look up and find out is an antibiotic. The last time I checked - antibiotics were not to be given out "just in case" because then they don't work when you need them to.

I, needless to say, am not getting the prescription filled and I will be making a trip up to the school tomorrow morning to voice my unhappiness with the whole situation! Wish me luck!!

Mother Eye Problem

As for my watering eye - yes it is still watering. Yesterday I called Kirk Army Clinic to get an appointment and they told me they could see me next Wednesday. Are you kidding me!! More than a week later;; when I've already had this problem for 6 days!! So than I called Kimbrough Army Clinic a little bit further away and they said they could see me the next day, that being today! So of course, I took the appointment.

I had to rush around and get all the kids dropped off so I could get there on time but I made it and it was worth it. Much to the objections of Shitface, there really is something wrong with my eye. All weekend, all I heard from Shitface was that it was all in my head - mind over matter, blah, blah, blah. Well apparently there is a tube that runs from your eye into your nasal cavity for drainage purposes. And mine is apparently clogged - or at least that's what they think. So they have me using this antibiotic/steroid ointment in hopes that 1) I won't develop an infection from the stag net tears and 2) that the steroid will help to push what ever is blocking it through. Otherwise they said they would have go in and clean it out - and quite frankly that just sounds like it hurts!! Pray for me that this medicine works and I don't have to go through that torture.

So after all of this, Shitface still tells me its all in my head. Of course whenever anything is wrong with me - it's all in my head. If he has a little cold though, he's laying on the couch crying over it! Go figure!

Step Up to the Plate

Boy 1 had a T-ball game tonight. Everything is going well and I'm having a very nice adult conversation (Actually every adult conversation I have anymore is nice - since Shitface is gone, I don't have much adult interaction on a daily basis) as we're watching the boys play ball. It mid conversation both of us turn towards the other bench and stare in amazement at what we were watching.

One little boy apparently was next in line to bat and was told to stop swinging the bat because he was going to hit someone. He didn't listen and continued to do as he pleased. The coach (who I later figured out was his father) went over snatched the bat out of his hand and told him to go sit he wasn't going to play the rest of the game. The little boy instantly throws himself on the ground and proceeded to throw the biggest tantrum I have seen in quite some time. (You can ask both Girl and Boy 1 - tantrums are not only not acceptable - Mommy will not tolerate them) The Mom got up off the bench and went over to him only for him to turn and start screaming at her. She tried to bribe him into getting up and he continued to scream. When she finally got him up (literally 5 minutes later - as the game is at a dead stand still now) she told him to go apologize and that he would now be batting last and not next. (What kind of punishment is that?!?!!? In T-ball everyone wants to bat last because they get to hit the "home run" and run all the bases at once!) So what did the little boy do next - he went over to the coach (later whom I found out was Dad mind you) picked up the bat and tried to swing it at him!!! I couldn't believe it. This little 4/5 year old is swinging a bat out of anger at the coach!! So what happened next?

One would think that the little boy was snatched up and disciplined in some sort of way by this time. (If it were my kid, he would have been spanked right there and than and than we would have left!!) But no, Coach proceeded to tell him it was OK and that he could have his turn to bat now. (I think my jaw about hit the ground at this time!!) When Coach turned his back to pick up the ball to put on the tee, the little boy proceeded to beat the t-ball stand with the bat. I just really couldn't believe that these parents had so little control over the whole situation and they let this kid act in this manner.

Other Mom and I just look at each other in disbelief during all of this and than proceed to tell each other what we would have done and how there was no way one of our kids would even consider acting in that manner. (I am very glad that she had the same view on the situation as me - because she may not have liked me very much after)

So, to end this wonderful story - I've come to this conclusion:

Unless you can step up to the plate and parent a child, which includes disciplining, than you shouldn't be pro-creating! (That's what they make birth control for!!) It's amazing that you have to have a license to own a dog - but anyone can just go out have kids!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Are You Wearing Shoes?

So we are on our way to church and we stop to get my much needed cup of coffee before we go. Shitface is in 7-11 and here is the conversation/argument the kids were having:

Girl: I don't have to wear my flip flops right now because they are easy to put on and take off; so I can put them on real quick when we get to church.

Boy 1: Why are you wearing shoes?

Girl: I'm not, I just told you that!

Boy 1: Yes you are!

Girl: No, I'm not - Look at my feet - I don't have shoes on!

Boy 1: Yes, you do. I see them.

Girl: No you don't - they're on the floor!

Boy 1: No they're not!

At this point in time, I think I'm going to pull my hair out and yell into the backseat for them to knock it off!! I tell Boy 1 that Girl is clearly not wearing shoes and why must they have this argument- it is too early for Mommy to take this and especially with no coffee!!!

Later in the day, Boy 1 again is irritating Girl. She says, " will you cut it off!!" I just started laughing as I tried to explain to her that she has two sayings together and it's either "Knock it off" or "Cut it out". I still don't know if she comprehended what I was saying because later on I heard her say will you "Cut it". I guess that works too :-)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not a Weekend Blogger

So I'm not much of a weekend blogger. It's the only time that Shitface is home during the week (he is gone for an 8 month military school during the week) so I try to get my share of his time and not spend much time on the computer (he happened to run out to the store right now). Hopefully this means that I'll have more to write about come the end of the weekend. I have to just remember to take notes :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Keeping Your Cool

So I ordered dinner tonight, as I had no desire to cook and it was tons of fun torturing the kids and convincing them that I wasn't making dinner tonight and so they were going to starve. When Boy 1 actually started to whimper a little I had to cool it because the last thing I need is him crying all night and than telling people that Mommy doesn't feed him.

So back to my story, while I was on the phone ordering dinner - of course Girl and Boy 1 were yelling and screaming and arguing about who knows what. (They'll argue over the color of the sky these days if you let them!) Boy 2 than starts crying as I walk out of the room so I could hear. They all proceed to follow me around, when I finally decided there was no point in trying to escape. (Believe me, I've tried many times - with many, many failed attempts.) I continued talking and upon completion of taking my order (Greek Salad, Mega Fries and Quesadillas for me and Shitface and pizza for the kids - just in case you were wondering), the guy congratulated me for keeping my cool through it all and told me he was impressed.

As I got off the phone, I thought that was odd - that's normally how all of my phone conversations go while the kids are home and no one has ever congratulated me before - they generally sound annoyed at having to listen to all the commotion or they very politely (as polite as possible I guess when you're getting ready to hang up on someone) say in mid-sentence "Ok, I have to go now - bye" before I can even finish my sentence.

I can only assume that he too has small children and can relate - so I can appreciate his comment and congratulations.

On a side note - if anyone is wondering - yes, my eye is still watering. It's been 3 days now!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Can't Stop Crying

Well not literally. Two days ago I got a little tickle in my throat as I well yelling at Girl about what she was wearing for the day. And no, she's not one of those types where we have these arguments all the time. They are few and far between as shes not really a girly type of girl. It was really one of those early morning I'm not quite awake yet and your not listening arguments consisting of Girl stomping and failing around because she too was tired from not enough sleep. Anyway, I coughed and my eye started watering....and hasn't stopped for two days.

I've tried to explain to people what happened and no one seems to understand what I'm talking about. So I've tried come up with a new way of explaining it. You know when you choke on something and your eyes start to water - well it was kind of like that but I didn't choke. And it just won't stop. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone before? Probably not, it's just the kind of luck I have. I told Shitface that I probably burst a tear duct. (Can that really happen??)

So not only is it terribly annoying, I can't wear makeup on my left eye unless I want to look like a goth chick with black mascara everywhere! (Not that I have a problem with goth chicks - they can be really cool - I'm just not one of them). Not much of a problem today because I was working from home all day - but tomorrow I actually have to go out into the world!! What am I to do?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

As always never a dull moment- all I wanted was a snack before dinner since I had skipped lunch again. I pop two microwave quesadillas into the microwave, turn it on for four minutes when the phone rings - it's Shitface. We talk for a couple minutes - not even four as the microwave didn't even sound. Getting off the phone with him, I walk back into the kitchen to find smoke bellowing out of the microwave. I open the microwave as the flames extinguish themselves (thank God).

Almost instantly the smoke alarm goes off (although I have no idea which one because we have like five of them). Shortly after (more like several seconds) the security alarm which is tied into the smoke alarm goes off as well. By this time Boy 2 is completely freaked out and starts screaming as well.

During all of this, what do I do? I pick up the phone and as always, call Shitface. Now don't ask me why because he isn't even close - unless you call 300 some odd miles close!

So finally I get my senses, open all the windows/door, turn the alarm off repeatedly (as it continues to go off every 30 seconds after I reset it), shew the dog outside, grab Boy 2 and go outside so as not to inhale any more of the smoke and horrible smell. Only to get outside and realize that my clothes are saturated with the horrible smell of burnt to a crisp (well actually they were practically ashes) quesadillas. So much for some fresh air.

Oh yea and during all of this do you think the alarm company would be doing their job and contacting me to see if I need help or dispatch anyone to help me - of course not!! Why pay $50 a month for monitoring if they aren't even doing their job. I could have ran around beeping if that's all I wanted! Or better yet, paid the kids a buck and they would do it too!!

Well so much for that snack!! Maybe that's a clue that I should stop skipping lunch.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of fire smell?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More About Me

I'm not professing to be a "writer" so please don't tell me my writing is not grammatically correct, because I'm already sure it's not. I'm just writing to document stories of our life for review in the future and maybe for someone else to get a good laugh at my expense.

As far as stories on my kids - As I'm sure every parent out there knows that raising kids is not always as easy as some make it sound. I can share what has worked for me thus far.... I've learned to pick my battles, let them slide sometimes when you know you otherwise want to yell at them and take each day for what it is - another day to live, learn and have fun. Life is too short.

I have to give credit to Shitface for helping me to grow and be the person who I am today. Because of him (and of course life in the military), I have learned that I am a much stronger person than I ever thought possible and I can do whatever it is that I put my mind to.


This Blog is my outlet. It's where I share my thoughts and feelings. It's a place where I can vent. Not everyone thinks alike. People don't always share the same religious or political views. Some people (like me!) occasionally think in more “colorful” terms than others. Sorry, but I'm a big girl and can use cuss words and talk about not-so-mainstream stuff if I want to. If you find that sort of language offensive / shocking / annoying, you may want to stop reading now. Life as a military wife ain't always pretty. It's my life, though, so don't say I didn't warn you.