Thursday, May 29, 2008

Follow - Up Wednesday

So I realized that some people (well probably not, but I'm just dreaming) may be wondering the outcome on some of my past posts. So here it is:

Stupid School Nurse
The school nurse finally today (a week later) called me back. After explaining to her my complaints, she took full responsibility for not notifying me that drops were put in my daughter's eye. Good - I'm glad we agree on that. However, than she went to say that protocol is that they call me and I have to come pick her up so they were trying to alleviate that. Well you know what - if that is what your damn protocol is - THAN DO IT!! I would rather know what is being put in her eye!

Than she continued to tell me that at NightTime Pediatrics (where she works at night) it is standard to issue an antibiotic eye drop if they have reason to believe a child may have pink eye. Well you know what - I didn't take my kid to NightTime Pediatrics!! I sent her to school and didn't and don't expect her to come home with prescriptions! And than to top it off, towards the end of our conversation (that was really going no where) she told me that she uses Visine drops all the time and that's pretty much the only thing she uses personally for any sort of "red-eye" because they can get rid of most viral or bacterial infections as well as clear up the red. And I thought - than why the hell did you write me a prescription and not send home a note suggesting I get some Visine!

My Crying Eye
Well I got the prescription filled and I used it for a few days (ok, maybe only 2 - ok, ok - it was only 1 1/2). I stopped using it because my eye stopped watering. Literally the day after I got the prescription - it just stopped! Maybe the medicine worked - or maybe it's just Murphy's Law. A waste of my entire day - only for it to go away the next. At least I don't have to have them "clean" out the passage way!

Student Support Center
No new news really. Girl is still going to bed early every night this week to ensure that she is not tired in class anymore so she can listen. (I know I'm such a mean mom - at least that's what she thinks)

And I end with a new note. I have a new Boy 1 story. Completely random sitting at the dinner table it goes like this:

Boy 1: Mommy, does your body hurt?
Me: {Thinking - Oh God - where is this going? It can't possibly be good!} No, Why?
Boy 1: Because you don't have a pee!
Me: Where did you get that idea?
Boy 1: Because I know girls don't have them - you told me.
Me: I did what?!??! Why are you asking this anyway?
Boy 1: I don't know.

End of conversation - he got up and walked away!


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