Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Finally Have Them Back

I know, I know - I was so excited to get a long weekend away from the kids, but boy was I ready to have them back. I always seem to forget how much I miss them until they're gone. And it was only 3 nights! I really can't imagine how Shitface feels every week having to be gone Monday through Friday and only seeing them 2 days a week! And since I went down there this weekend - it will be 2 whole weeks without seeing them. And yea, he talks to them every night (well at least Girl and Boy 1) but that just isn't the same when you can't hold them and see them.

So we were driving home and Boy 1 was sleeping (of course, because why have naps at Grandma's and Pop-Pop's?). Girl was entertaining Boy 2 by making noises and popping around the carseat making faces. Boy 2, I kid you not, giggled and laughed for 30 minutes straight because of all of this! There is nothing like baby laughter to light up your day. After 5 1/2 hours on the road - I found myself smiling from ear to ear. There's really nothing that compares to that sound.

Girl and I also played the Alphabet game to pass some time. (You know the one where you go back and forth naming something that starts with each letter.) Our first topic was animals. We were on a roll until we got to "N". Do you know how hard it is to think of an animal that starts with the letter "N". I'm sure you come up with the actual name of an animal - not that a 7 year old would know what you were talking about though. Finally I came up with Newt - which to my surprise she knew exactly what it was!

Our next topic was names. Again, everything was going fine until we got to the letter "U". I still can't think of a name that starts with the letter U. I easily could have made something up and she never would have known otherwise - but I don't cheat (ok, not normally and not at kid games anyway)- and so she won that game. Does anyone else know a name that starts with "U"? (And don't go googling it - I mean off the top of your head) Actually - I just thought of it. Ursella. (Phoebe's twin sister from Friends) Damn - a little late I guess!

Have a great rest of the week - it's a short one!!


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