Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

As always never a dull moment- all I wanted was a snack before dinner since I had skipped lunch again. I pop two microwave quesadillas into the microwave, turn it on for four minutes when the phone rings - it's Shitface. We talk for a couple minutes - not even four as the microwave didn't even sound. Getting off the phone with him, I walk back into the kitchen to find smoke bellowing out of the microwave. I open the microwave as the flames extinguish themselves (thank God).

Almost instantly the smoke alarm goes off (although I have no idea which one because we have like five of them). Shortly after (more like several seconds) the security alarm which is tied into the smoke alarm goes off as well. By this time Boy 2 is completely freaked out and starts screaming as well.

During all of this, what do I do? I pick up the phone and as always, call Shitface. Now don't ask me why because he isn't even close - unless you call 300 some odd miles close!

So finally I get my senses, open all the windows/door, turn the alarm off repeatedly (as it continues to go off every 30 seconds after I reset it), shew the dog outside, grab Boy 2 and go outside so as not to inhale any more of the smoke and horrible smell. Only to get outside and realize that my clothes are saturated with the horrible smell of burnt to a crisp (well actually they were practically ashes) quesadillas. So much for some fresh air.

Oh yea and during all of this do you think the alarm company would be doing their job and contacting me to see if I need help or dispatch anyone to help me - of course not!! Why pay $50 a month for monitoring if they aren't even doing their job. I could have ran around beeping if that's all I wanted! Or better yet, paid the kids a buck and they would do it too!!

Well so much for that snack!! Maybe that's a clue that I should stop skipping lunch.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get rid of fire smell?


Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said...

I have heard that leaving out bowls of vinegar or coffee beans will absorb odor but haven't tried it myself. (This is my second post for the WalMart entry.)

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