Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Step Up to the Plate

Boy 1 had a T-ball game tonight. Everything is going well and I'm having a very nice adult conversation (Actually every adult conversation I have anymore is nice - since Shitface is gone, I don't have much adult interaction on a daily basis) as we're watching the boys play ball. It mid conversation both of us turn towards the other bench and stare in amazement at what we were watching.

One little boy apparently was next in line to bat and was told to stop swinging the bat because he was going to hit someone. He didn't listen and continued to do as he pleased. The coach (who I later figured out was his father) went over snatched the bat out of his hand and told him to go sit he wasn't going to play the rest of the game. The little boy instantly throws himself on the ground and proceeded to throw the biggest tantrum I have seen in quite some time. (You can ask both Girl and Boy 1 - tantrums are not only not acceptable - Mommy will not tolerate them) The Mom got up off the bench and went over to him only for him to turn and start screaming at her. She tried to bribe him into getting up and he continued to scream. When she finally got him up (literally 5 minutes later - as the game is at a dead stand still now) she told him to go apologize and that he would now be batting last and not next. (What kind of punishment is that?!?!!? In T-ball everyone wants to bat last because they get to hit the "home run" and run all the bases at once!) So what did the little boy do next - he went over to the coach (later whom I found out was Dad mind you) picked up the bat and tried to swing it at him!!! I couldn't believe it. This little 4/5 year old is swinging a bat out of anger at the coach!! So what happened next?

One would think that the little boy was snatched up and disciplined in some sort of way by this time. (If it were my kid, he would have been spanked right there and than and than we would have left!!) But no, Coach proceeded to tell him it was OK and that he could have his turn to bat now. (I think my jaw about hit the ground at this time!!) When Coach turned his back to pick up the ball to put on the tee, the little boy proceeded to beat the t-ball stand with the bat. I just really couldn't believe that these parents had so little control over the whole situation and they let this kid act in this manner.

Other Mom and I just look at each other in disbelief during all of this and than proceed to tell each other what we would have done and how there was no way one of our kids would even consider acting in that manner. (I am very glad that she had the same view on the situation as me - because she may not have liked me very much after)

So, to end this wonderful story - I've come to this conclusion:

Unless you can step up to the plate and parent a child, which includes disciplining, than you shouldn't be pro-creating! (That's what they make birth control for!!) It's amazing that you have to have a license to own a dog - but anyone can just go out have kids!


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