Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?!?!?!?!

So my wonderful children continue to be little bad asses this week. Well actually Girl is still in trouble from yesterday. However, Boy 1 decided that he thought it would be a great idea to not listen today as well and than he thought an even better idea would be to hit his teacher!!

I swear my kids are really not rotten kids and are generally very well behaved kids!! I just don't know what has gotten into them this week. (Boy 1 got in trouble earlier this week as well, but I don't know if I blogged about it or not). I swear every time they know they are going to Grandma and Pop-Pop's house they have bad weeks. I am really starting to wonder if they know that I won't take that away from them so they figure they can be as bad as they want and they'll still get to go and have a blast and get what ever it is that they want while they're there.

So both Girl and Boy 1 spent the evening on their rooms - which left me with only Boy 2. Which generally wouldn't of been horrible but he was home with me all day and was tired of seeing me. He was definitely upset when both Girl and Boy 1 went to their rooms and shut the door and left him to be left standing in the hallway by himself. He tried and tried to bang the doors down but sadly didn't succeed.

Lucky me though, I'm kid free this weekend and I'm going down to visit with Shitface so he doesn't have to drive home yet again. Yea, it'll be a pain in the ass to pack up 3 kids and everything that 3 kids need for a 3 night sleepover at Grandma and Pop-Pop's (I might as well just rent an RV and leave it there cause I swear that's how much stuff we take), plus get everything packed for the dog - not to mention stuff for myself (hopefully I'll have some room in the truck for my stuff!) but it will be worth it in the end. 3 nights of peace - well as peaceful as it can be with Shitface anyway :-) Hell, it's not going to be peaceful at all, what am I talking about!! It will probably be worse because he won't have the kids to pick on so all his "picking" energy is going to be on me! Maybe I'll stay home after all.....

So just as a warning - it will be quite possible - almost certainty - that I will not be posting while I am gone as I don't plan on going anywhere near a computer the whole time! Hopefully I'll be back and remember to post something somewhat comical Monday night.


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