Thursday, May 29, 2008

Frugal. (Who Me???)

  1. economical, avoiding waste, thrift
Ok, so maybe I have fallen into that category lately. But you know it's not a bad thing. When you have two households to support (including: mortgage, rent, 2 cable bills, 2 phone bills, 2 internet bills, 2 water bills, 2 grocery bills, etc) it really helps to be frugal. {In case you don't know - Shitface is currently away at school for 8 months and we're renting another house so we can go visit during the summer}

Anyway, I had my grocery trip planned for today, so last night I was literally up until midnight finding coupons online that I could print for my trip today. And just so everyone knows - I saved 7% today. I was hoping for more but they didn't have all the stuff I had coupons for so I had to substitute. I'm hoping for 10% next time - but I'll probably have to go without Boy 2 for that to be possible.

Some of my other frugal ways include:

1. Well we're military (duh) - so I shop at the commissary where prices are always lower. And they often have case lot sales if you have the place to store it. (Which unfortunately, I don't) If you're not military, perhaps you have a friend that is. I take friends with me all the time, just ask them - I'm sure they'll be willing to take you.

2. Get coupons online. There are tons of free coupons sites online. Just Google free coupons. Also if you know the brand you are looking for you can always check out their site too. Manufacturers often have coupons directly on their site that you can print.

3. Look at the weekly sales ads for the store that you're going to - I think they can all be found online too. Plan your shopping around what is on sale for the week.

4. Buy produce at your local farmers market. Not only are you supporting the local farmers and their stuff is always fresher - but it is generally substantially cheaper too!

5. Stock up on clearance items for future seasons. At the end of every season, I always get items for the kids for the following year. (And it's not like kids clothes that young go out of style.) I already have jeans and long-sleeve shirts for all the kids put up in their closet. Than when school shopping comes around - you don't have to pay the astronomical prices or deal with the crowds!

6. If you're not already familiar with Mir's site, WantNot - check it out. She always has tons of great deals on stuff. Some of it you may need now and other stuff you may want to stock up on if it's a great price. And believe me, she has a little bit of everything.

7. Look on Craig's List to see if you have a site in your area. There are a lot of things that are barely used or even new on this site. We practically furnished our entire "other" place by stuff we got on Craig's List. And I've been able to sell a lot of stuff too - which is nice because it gives me some extra spending money for stocking up on kids clothes.

8. Check out Free Cycle to see if there is a site in your area too. This site only has free things listed on it. They do require that you do an equal share of "giving" as you do "taking" but that only seems fair to me. Beware though that items seem to go fast (at least in my area anyway) and you really need to be on-top of it if you really want something.

9. Check out my site. If I come across something that by chance (which isn't often) isn't already on Mir's site - than I'll post it here for you. I actually have one today ...

If you like New York & Company - than this is the time to shop.

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Use Promo code 6500 for purchases of $150 or more and take $60 off.

Offer good May 29th through June 1st. You can still use the same promo codes from June 2nd through June 16th but the discounts drop to $25 and $50.

Enjoy - Off to do my "Parenting Duties".


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