Friday, May 16, 2008

Keeping Your Cool

So I ordered dinner tonight, as I had no desire to cook and it was tons of fun torturing the kids and convincing them that I wasn't making dinner tonight and so they were going to starve. When Boy 1 actually started to whimper a little I had to cool it because the last thing I need is him crying all night and than telling people that Mommy doesn't feed him.

So back to my story, while I was on the phone ordering dinner - of course Girl and Boy 1 were yelling and screaming and arguing about who knows what. (They'll argue over the color of the sky these days if you let them!) Boy 2 than starts crying as I walk out of the room so I could hear. They all proceed to follow me around, when I finally decided there was no point in trying to escape. (Believe me, I've tried many times - with many, many failed attempts.) I continued talking and upon completion of taking my order (Greek Salad, Mega Fries and Quesadillas for me and Shitface and pizza for the kids - just in case you were wondering), the guy congratulated me for keeping my cool through it all and told me he was impressed.

As I got off the phone, I thought that was odd - that's normally how all of my phone conversations go while the kids are home and no one has ever congratulated me before - they generally sound annoyed at having to listen to all the commotion or they very politely (as polite as possible I guess when you're getting ready to hang up on someone) say in mid-sentence "Ok, I have to go now - bye" before I can even finish my sentence.

I can only assume that he too has small children and can relate - so I can appreciate his comment and congratulations.

On a side note - if anyone is wondering - yes, my eye is still watering. It's been 3 days now!!!


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