Thursday, May 22, 2008

Student Support Center

I pick Girl up from the youth center today and she tells me she didn't have a good day. I asked her what happened and she said she got sent to the Student Support Center. That is the elementary language for getting In-School Suspension!

I couldn't believe it - my precious little angel - had in school suspension. Well actually, I could believe it. As even her teacher will tell you she is going to make one hell of a lawyer some day. The child will argue and argue with you until she gets her point across. If you really stop to think about it, to a 7 year old her logic makes perfect sense! However, its the way she goes about doing it that always seems to get her in trouble. She just doesn't know when to stop and when enough is enough. A lesson Shitface and I have been trying to teach her for some time.

So her teacher does card changes with them. Essentially they all start out of green in the morning and than they move to yellow and than to red if they are not having a good day. Most times she gives them an opportunity to make it up and move back up to a better color. Girl knows from past experiences that red is just not acceptable. (She had to learn the hard way of course - but that's a whole other story that involved her trying to cross out the "R" on her behavior report and make it a "G" and than lying about it)

Girl was apprently having a rough morning and not listening when told to do something the first time and so she was changed to yellow. I guess she never really redeemed herself during the morning to mid afternoon because by 12:30 she was getting another card change to red for being disrespectful. Of course by this time, she wants to beg and plead with her teacher to please change it back and that she will "change her attitude around" (something we hear often and have grown tired of hearing). After arguing with her teacher and not getting the response she wanted, Girl than proceeded to cry and scream and yell (mind you, as I posted earlier this week - is just not allowed in my house) and disrupt the classroom. At which time she was sent out of class to the "Student Support Center" aka In-School Suspension. During this time she had to complete an assignment on why it is important to listen to your teacher.

So after her telling me the story, I was trying to pry and get a little more detail out of her so I could figure out a proper punishment. The conversation:

Me: So why weren't you listening to your teacher today?

Girl: I don't know

Me: Well you have to have a reason

Girl: Well because I wanted to go to bed early

Me: Well good - for being a smart ass - you're going to bed early for the next week!!

Girl: No I meant last night I wanted to go to bed early

Me: Oh well, you're going to bed early every day next week

Girl assumed that she would be getting sent to bed early anyway and so she tried to use that against me. Unlucky for her - it backfired!! She really does think she's slick - one day maybe she'll learn.

So in addition to that punishment, she also had to write an apology to her teacher and than I made her gather all her High School Musical Stuff (which mind you, to her is the next best thing to candy) and put it in a trash bag. She was not the least bit happy with me and is still wondering if I'm actually going to throw all her of her favorite stuff away. Little does she know that all that stuff cost way to much money for me to just throw away. I guess one day she'll realize this - but hopefully it won't be too soon.


Lucky for me after all of this tonight was TTT - which is short for Thirsty Third Thursday. I know tonight is Wednesday but we had to reschedule. TTT is when my mom and my sister and I get together and go out to dinner and have a few drinks. We generally do it on the third Thursday of every month - that way none of the "spouses" can be upset that they didn't know we had plans.

So anyway, I got to go out and enjoy a couple hours of peace and quite and some much needed adult conversation. I'm off to bed now.


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