Thursday, August 14, 2008

How we Show Our Love

So what did we do on our anniversary you ask?

Well we didn't really do anything. Girl and Boy 1 had swim lessons so by the time we got them home and fed them dinner it was already 7:00pm. Then it was showers and to bed by 7:30pm. (Yes, we are those mean parents who force their kids to get back into the "routine" of school before school actually starts! I keep telling them to thank 'G' and Pop for that)

I decided I didn't want Hamburger Helper for dinner so we didn't eat with them. Instead after they went to bed I went out and picked up dinner at Chili's for us. When I got home Shitface had candles out on the table and we had a nice romantic dinner just the two of us.

We talked about our favorite moments from the past two years:

His response: Me telling him I was pregnant with Boy 2. He swears to this day that while running up the steps screaming I never even hit the top step when I jumped into his arms.

My response: The birth of Boy 2.

We also talked about what we look forward to in the next two years:

My response: Buying a new house.

His response: Getting "fixed". (Have I mentioned that we don't want any more kids :-)

And because my wonderful child-like husband couldn't keep his hands out of the candle wax - he made me this:

Can't you tell - it's a heart! Isn't that sweet.

But of course, I can't be out-done. So I made this:

It's a heart too - but of course mine is better! Don't you agree?

And I know we're lame - but hey nothing says love like melted wax - Right??


shitface said...


I'm going to set the record straigt. I'm ready to get fixed NOW but you won't let me.

The Girl Next Door said...

You guys are toooo cute.

Ellen said...

I just totally love your terms of endearment :) and what a nice anniversary evening.. and your heart is totally way better, I was gonna ask what the first one was, like maybe lips or something.. hope the move goes well :)

Michelle said...

happy belated 2nd anniversary to you guys! A nice dinner (even at home! with no kids, sounds like a great way to celebrate!

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