Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh My Wordle

So I came across this website the other day and I thought that it was pretty cool. It takes all of the words on your site and puts them into a "cloud". The larger words are the ones used most often and the smaller ones are the ones used less often (duh!).

I guess I have to stop talking about the Boys so much and talk up Girl a little bit more so she is more dominant in my cloud. Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl, Girl - There we go that should get me started.....

Unfortunately I can't enlarge the image so you can see it better, so if you want to see it larger you'll have to click on the image and it will take you to their site.



Mike said...

Boy should be twice as large as girl - you do have twice as many of them, dontcha!?


ToadMama said...

As I wordie, I liked this one. Anytime I can't think of an appropriate image for my posts, I'll do a wordle. Thanks!

Shannon said...

What I want to know is what's 'brown' that you talk about so much? Even 'brown' is bigger than 'girl'!

Janet said...

cool! I did this one, too :-)

The Girl Next Door said...

This is really neat! Who knew? And who has time to come up with this stuff?

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