Friday, August 22, 2008

Celebrity Morph

So in my travels in the blogosphere I came across another cool site that Jenny On the Spot had on her blog. This site lets you upload a picture of yourself and then they will morph you into some famous celebrity. They also say you should try several times and see if you get the same celebrity more then once because if you do then you are celebrity twins!

Would you like to know who I look like?

First it was:

Martine McCutcheon. I of course had no idea who that was. So I looked it up and realized she was in the UK so I didn't feel so bad for not knowing her.

Then there was:

Kate Bosworth. I've heard that name before but looked it up anyway. She's an actress/model.

And then. Get this:

Boyonce! And no I didn't have to look this one up. But does anyone else realize that she's not of the same cultural background as me?? From my research her dad is black and her mom is black and creole. So how do I look like that??

(And just to set the record straight - I'm not really complaining because she is beautiful!)

Anyway, try it out if you'd like and post it to your blog. Then leave me a comment telling me you did it too and I'll come visit!


ToadMama said...

Well, you ARE currently quite tan. (-:

If I could morph into Beyonce's body and stay that way, I'd be a happy girl!

The morphing is kind of unsettling. Especially when you realize that your hubby suddenly has his arm around Kate Bosworth...

jennyonthespot said...

Ha! That is so funny!!! I love it!

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