Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From the Mouth Of....

If you're wondering about the kids summer camp last week - I didn't post about it because it was going so well that I didn't want to jinx it.

(If you don't know about it....last week the kids (the older two that is) were both in a week long summer camp to give me a much needed break.)

The first day of camp Boy 1 wasn't too pleased that I was abandoning him at a strange place without his big sister. When I left he had stopped crying and he was sitting down but refused to sit on the carpet with the rest of the kids and instead elected to sit on the edge of the carpet....

When I picked him up Ms. Brown told me of the conversation they had a little later....

Boy 1: I'm not going to eat lunch with you guys.

Ms. Brown: Well why not?

Boy 1: Because I want my mom to pick me up.

Ms. Brown: Well I think your mommy really wants you to stay here and eat lunch with us.

Boy 1 reluctantly agreed and sat down to eat. Following lunch it was time for their 20 minute rest period and this conversation continued....

Boy 1: I'm NOT taking a nap.

Ms. Brown: Well why not?

Boy 1: Because I'm sure my mom is on her way to pick me up.

Ms. Brown: Well I think your mommy would really like you to rest with us.

Boy 1: Now, I KNOW she doesn't want me to do that!!

(Have I mentioned that Boy 1 isn't keen on taking naps??)

So while the first day was a little rough for Boy 1, after that he settled right in and even asked if he could stay for the next weeks camp as well. Which believe me, I would love to do but Girl wouldn't have anything to do but sit at home and drive me crazy for a week.

P.S. Girl 1 had a blast at camp - they went canoeing, rock climbing, geocaching, fishing, hiking - maybe I can join her camp and leave the kids at home to fend for themselves....just a thought....


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