Saturday, July 19, 2008

There's Deals to be Had Today....

So if you're going to be doing any bargin shopping online today here are a few deals for ya.

Me on the other hand - I'll be spending half of each of my kids college savings on taking them to Water Country USA today. But at least I'll have pictures to show them when they grow up. (See - see this. This is what we did with your college savings!)

Macy's not only has their clearance going on now of 30-50% off but you can also use promo code 99cents and get your shipping for only 99 cents. (DUH) And while that's not free - it's a hell of a deal with gas prices the way they are! (Expires 7/20/08)

Deep Discount has a promo going on now of buy 1, get 1 free on select DVD's. Of course there aren't any new movies in there but there are some great old ones. And if you have a kid or know a kid that's really into Thomas the Tank Engine - those are all included in this deal too! And as always - they have FREE shipping! (Expires 7/29/08)

I seem to have an abundance of E.L.F. (Eyes, Lip, Face) codes this week. So here they are:
  • use EGPOLIAR to get a free nail polish when you buy 2.
  • use EGHYDAR to get a free SPF 15 Tint with any $20 purchase.
  • use EGBROAZ to get a free sun kissed bronzing powder.
  • use ECBROBZ to get a free warm tan bronzing powder.
  • use ECBROCZ to get a free luminance bronzing powder.

The last time I shopped there I was able to stack coupons so it wouldn't hurt to try. Although I doubt they'll let you do it on the bronzing powders. (All Expire 8/1/08)

And last but not least, at REI you can use promo code THNX2U8 for 25% off these select items. (Expire 7/24/08)

Have a happy weekend and look forward to some pics from Water Country!


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