Wednesday, July 23, 2008

As a 1930's Wife....

So I've recently seen on some other peoples blogs this test. It seems that everyone else would be a much better 1930's wife than me as I only got a :


As a 1930s wife, I am

Take the test!

Beck got a 110!! (Very Superior)

Bonnie the Boss got a 59!! (Superior)

Take the test and let us know what you get. Would you make it in the 1930's? Oh yea and for any of my male readers - they have the same test for husbands as well!


Shannon said...

Oh hell! I knew I wouldn't be considered superior by any stretch of the imagination. But - 12?! I scored a 12?! That's considered very poor!

Ah, well. I'm chalking it up to the fact that I don't like/don't want to care for children, I curse and use slang, and I occasionally flirt with other men! :-) That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Mike said...

The fact that my daughters scored fair to lousy on this test is testament to the fact that they were raised in an enlightened atmosphere - no old chauvinistic practices in my house :-)

The fact that I scored well troubles me though...


Mommy Mary said...

I got a 34 Hmm

Shithead said...

After looking at my score of 105 and your score of 57, I believe I got the short end of the stick in this deal. This better correlate (shithead told me how to spell that) into many backrubs and much praise, bowing down when I walk in the room should do. As for Shannon and dad, I'm ashamed.

ToadMama said...

Uh...I got a 26. I guess I am an enlightened woman, too. Don't worry though, girls. The "bad girls" (aka enlightened ones) usually have more fun!

Amy said...

Shan- Ok. I don't feel so bad now.

Dad- I'm glad we were raised the way we were. I'm not sure if I would make it back in the 30's!

Mary- Glad to know that I'm not the lowest one out there. I did see someone else who got a -6!

Shitface- Now everyone knows why you have the nickname you do!

Mom- Glad to know that I did better than you and Shan. Dad on the other hand - a little worried!

Anonymous said...

i scored superior!!!

Rebekah said...

Kindred spirits- we could have been average friends in the thirties! Check out my score too.
reb.kog at gmail dot com

Tara said...

ummm....I was a 24; don't know whether to laugh or cry about that.

frugallm said...

This is my second post for the giveaway! I took the test and scored a 27 eek!!

M.E. said...

Looks like fun, need to go take this test! I'm sure my score will be pretty embarrassing.

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