Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is the Tooth Fairy a Girl or Boy?

This was one of the questions floating around our house over the weekend. Along with:

- Will the tooth fairy know where I am?
- How will the tooth fairy find my tooth?
- How much money do you think I'll get for my tooth?
- Can you call the tooth fairy to make sure he knows where we are?
- Will the tooth fairy come if Boy 1 is still awake?
- Do you know the tooth fairy's phone number?

In case it isn't obvious - Girl lost another tooth Saturday morning and every time she looses teeth we go through these same questions over and over again for days - even after the tooth fairy has come!

This tooth fairy story is different than the rest though because -

Mom and Dad forgot to put money under the pillow Saturday night!!

Lucky for me during a conversation Saturday afternoon I said, "Hopefully the tooth fairy will bring your money here and not back at home." I'm still not sure why I said it - it just kind of came out.

Sunday morning as I'm laying in bed - I hear the kids - and my eyes immediately fly open and I look at Shitface and say, "Oh SHIT - we forgot to put money under her pillow!!"

We laid there for several minutes working out our "story" and making sure we were both on the same page. We were going to say that obviously the tooth fairy didn't know she was here in VA and not in MD so she'll have to check back at home when we get there next weekend.

So Shitface gets out of bed and walks out of our room and is immediately bombarded by Girl!!

Girl: The tooth fairy didn't come
Shitface: What do you mean?
Girl: Well I couldn't find my tooth when I woke up but there was no money under my pillow either.
Shitface: Well maybe he put the money at our house in MD
Girl: No daddy because than I found my tooth pushed down between the wall. He didn't take my tooth either.

(After a short pause....)

Girl: Well I think the tooth fairy couldn't find it so he just didn't give me any money!!
Shitface: Oh ok.
Girl: So we can try again tonight - RIGHT??
Shitface: Sure.

So after our elaborate plan on how to correct "our" mistake - she came up with her own. Go Figure!!

So Sunday night we made a "fake" pillow (a couple sheets rolled up in pillow form as we're a little short here on pillows) at the end of her bed so that the tooth wouldn't be lost again. (And it would be easier for us to get in there without disturbing her) And she wrote the tooth fairy a note :

Oh yea - and did I forget to tell you how greedy she is?!?!? Asking for $100!!!!
And another thing - I'm still baffled as to how this past Christmas she was questioning Santa Clause and if he was really real - but still to this day she hasn't questioned the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy!!


Sarah Berry said...

In this day and age I think we should keep the magic of these imaginary wonders alive as long as possible for our children. They find out way too soon what real life entails

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts said...

In France, the Tooth Fairy is a little mouse (think cute Mini Mouse, not yucky rodent) and she's a girl. Aren't kids great at coming up with their own explanations? Our son has done that too with why Santa can be all over the world, he "actually saw" the Easter Bunny, etc. (There was a real live wild bunny in our yard on Easter morning one year.)

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