Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I can't seem to stay on topic or complete an entire thought here recently - let alone an entire post. So this post is about a bunch of stuff - none of which is related. Hence randomness!

Boy 1

As we were leaving to go to Target (have I told you lately - that it's my favorite store) today here was my completely random conversation with Boy 1.

Boy 1: I want a new mom.
Me: Yea - Ok. Well I'll leave you at Target and you can find a new one there.
Boy 1: Ok. Never mind.

And I wasn't even being "mean" during this. Just completely random.


Girl is completely freaking out over second grade this week. I don't know where all this anxiety has come from but it's starting to drive me crazy!! Here are her fears and my answers:

  • How will I know what classroom to go to? The same way you knew last year.
  • Who is my teacher going to be? No one knows yet - we'll find out August 15th.
  • Who is going to be in my class? No one knows yet - we'll find out August 15th.
  • When are we getting school supplies? Where have you been? We already have more than half of them!
  • What if we don't get them before they run out? They're not going to run out.
  • When are we going home to MD? It'll be before school starts right? Yes - for the umpteenth time - we're going home the weekend of August 15th - 10 days before school starts!
  • Are we going to the thingy where I can "meet" my new classroom? We've done it every year before right???
  • Are you going to back to school night? We've done it every year before right??

Do you see the redundancy of this? Nothing is different from last year! We're doing everything the same way we've done it the past two years! Get over it already.... She can be SO over dramatic.

Although on a brighter note. I guess this fear is more rational than her recent fears:

  • of tornados (even though we live in an area that hardly ever has them)
  • of pirates (even though we don't have a boat on live on the water for that matter)
  • of monsters - specifically Randal - from Monsters Inc.

Boy 2

Boy 2 has discovered the joys of being able to remove his own diaper. When ever he wants!

I knew he was up from his nap yesterday but I had a conference call and was hoping he would keep himself occupied til it was over. And occupied he was! After 30 minutes and I hadn't heard a peep from him, I figured I had to go investigate.

And that's when I found him - with no diaper on - playing with himself!! (yea - I know kind of personal but he's only 1) Now I know that little boys do these things - but he's only ONE! I thought I had a little more time....

And since this - he boy won't keep his diaper on unless we have shorts on him. No more running around in just a diaper.

And I guess that is all the randomness I have for today.... though reading over it - maybe it wasn't so random - but maybe - oh never mind!

P.S. I know you people are reading this! But I still don't see as many comments as I know there are readers! Come On. All I ask for is for you to leave a measly little comment. I don't care if you don't like me or my writing. Just let me know you were here - because I already know you were! And if you don't like me than just don't come back. It won't hurt my feelings - Promise! Just comment already!


Mike said...

About the removing the diaper thing...

Now you really have to make sure you don't leave him alone in the crib for too long. It could get messy if ya know what I mean...


Tootsie Farklepants said...

You do good random.

ToadMama said...

I read it! Quickly. Off to go visit Grandmammy. Love ya!

myra said...

Oh man. You have your hands full girl. Sounds like you need a girls' night out to me!

Shannon said...

She's afraid of one of the monsters on Monsters Inc?! But they're the sweetest, funnest (!) monsters ever!

ToadMama said...

Shan, it is all about the drama. We know they're sweet, but she knows she can milk the "monster" thing.

Amy said...

Dad- I know what you mean about the diaper thing. Hopefully if that ever happens Shitface goes to get him!

Tootsie- Thanks for the compliment. I think you are way better though!

Shan- Yea, I know the monsters are cute. Try explaining that to her!

Myra- I'm so ready for a girls night out. Too bad I have another month before I get home!!

Mom & Shan- You hear that?? I'm ready for my TTT when I get home!

Manager Mom said...

To match your random with randomer, I LOVE target too. It is the only store that I can convince my kids to shop at without some sort of preceding tantrum.

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