Tuesday, July 22, 2008

From the Mouth of Boy 1......

So as always - Boy 1 always has something to say these days. And when he speaks you should listen because it normally contains your comical relief for the day!

Scenario 1

Boy 1: When I'm old enough to be a boyfriend - I wanna be her boyfriend......

Who you ask? Well who else besides the super model from Giorgio Armani that he found on the back of a magazine.

At least he has good taste.

Scenario 2

Boy 1: Look!! Look!! Mommy!! Look!!!

Me: What......

Boy 1: It's a, it's a....monkey climbing in the tree!!

Me: A what?!?!?!

Boy 1: Oh, I mean a squirrel. Never mind.

He has quite the imagination - and then **POOF** it was gone!


Shannon said...

He's 4 and he's already thinking about girls?! Boy, you're gonna have your hands full 10 years from now! :-)

Bonnie the Boss said...

Too funny. It is good that they are comic relief, otherwise we would sell them to the highest bidder.

Shannon said...

Just showed this to D because I thought he'd appreciate it and guess what? It's still funny the second time around! I think you should have a regular installment of "from the mouth of..."!

ToadMama said...

I agree. From the "From the Mouth of Boy 1" should be a regular feature! I know he has said some funny stuff to me over the years.

Amy said...

Shan & Mom- I agree. I'll have to think about doing regular installments of "From the Mouth Of..." Hopefully my kids don't stop being funny!

Bonnie- Completely agree! And still sometimes I think of selling them!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's too funny. I wonder how old he is. Right now my 3 year old girl says the funniest things, too. It's so nice when I'm smiling to just about anything these days because she catches me so off guard. Thanks again!
kvicker at hotmail dot com

Becky said...

This is very cute! I have a 3 yr. old daughter and love to blog about the things she says so that we can always remember!
He has quite the taste in women already! :o)
I can't imagine your life as a military mom! Thanks for he sacrifices!

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