Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Latest Excursion

Obviously I never got around to posting yesterday. By the time I finished working last night it was a little after 9pm! Hopefully though it makes for an easier week.

Anyway, we decided to do our "adventure" for the week on Friday (originally we were going to do it Saturday but long story short - that didn't happen) and we went to the Virginia Aquarium. And quite frankly - it sucked!! Shitface was all - I've heard it's the best one on the East Coast, blah, blah, blah. But no it sucked!!

Now I haven't been to gobs and gobs of aquariums (I think actually only 2 or 3) in my life or maybe it's that I've been spoiled over the years by the Baltimore Aquarium. But needless to say the Virginia Aquarium is not a place of interest I would recommend unless you are only trying to take up an hour of time.

In case you haven't figured already - Shitface and I were not impressed but the kids had fun and that's the whole reason we went anyway.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our outing:

Here are Girl and Boy 1 looking at some fish. (Duh - we were at the Aquarium after all!!)

These were a couple of cool frogs.

(Sorry about the flash - I forgot to turn it off and I don't have time to photo shop it.)

And here is Boy 2 playing in the little play area.

(Which was kind of neat but had nothing to do what so ever with fish or sea life or anything Aquarium related!)

And that was pretty much our trip. I know kind of boring - huh??? On our way home we decided to drive through a little bit of Virginia Beach before we got back on the road. And here is the best picture of our entire excursion:

Wait - what does that say???

Yup that's correct - NO CURSING!!

I for some reason got a kick out of this most of the drive home. I didn't know that wasn't allowed in VA Beach - but I guess I do now and I guess I won't be visiting there anytime soon if that is the case!


Janet said...

LOL they put those up after I left the area...I SWEAR it wasn't my fault!

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