Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rants and Raves - Baby Showers

For what ever reason I seem to be invited to a million baby showers during the summer months. I'm not really sure how that works out but for me it does. (Of course Boy 2 was during the summer too.)

Right now one of my biggest rants are items on some people's baby shower registry. I don't know if some people just don't know or what - but come on really. Why would you ask for two cribs or two pack n plays or two of any of the same item for that matter? I could understand if you were having twins but these people aren't! It's like they were so indecisive they just decided they'd ask for it all.

I've seen people ask for an exersaucer and even this Bounce & Spin Zebra thing! Or how about the shopping cart covers and the walkers? Last time I checked all of these things were for babies that ranged from 9 months to 2 years. Why would you ask for it for a baby shower gift? And the best ones I've seen - what infant needs a step stool potty or a booster car seat? You know these kids are going to have birthdays and Christmas' that they could receive these items for!

Now there are also those items that I think are completely worthless. And I'll be honest - I did ask for several of them - but soon realized that it was a wasted purchase. Take for instance this bottle warmer -piece of crap. I thought it would be cool but it's not! Or this insulated bottle bag - I guess would be nice if you were breast feeding - but I didn't and it was never used! And the wipes warmer - I had wanted one but I'm glad I never got it. I never would have used it as I never changed diapers in the same place. Or the diaper pails. Again, never had one but never would have used it either! (I know some people that swear by them and others who think they don't work.)

So onto the items I loved! This little item. Absolutely wonderful - I still use it today! And this space saver high chair - I wanted this one from the beginning but didn't get it until recently. I love it and it'll be coming back to MD with us. And this thermometer - a little pricey, but totally worth it! Oh yea and our stroller. No, I've never actually jogged with it and yes, it's a little large but the large all-terrain tires are perfect for pushing the stroller across sports fields, playgrounds, etc - which we do a LOT of!

So are there any items you've seen on baby registries that you thought were ridiculous or just couldn't believe they were being asked for? Or are there items that you think are completely unnecessary? What about items you absolutely love and couldn't go without? I'd love to hear about them as I seem to be doing lots of baby shopping recently - and not only for my own but for others as well!


ToadMama said...

You didn't mention that silly, lay-down "swing" thing you got that Boy 2 never seemed to get much out of. At least not while I was around. And I must agree with the usefulness of that formula store/measure thing!

Two pac n' plays would have been nice. You could leave one at Grandma's house (aka G, that's me!). When Boy 2 isn't using it, I'm sure the cats would. (-:


Always Home and Uncool said...

90 percent of the stuff is useless. $300 high chairs with 34 reclining positions? Waste! Your only essentials are a couple pac-n-plays with a bassinet/changing table top, a Graco stroller/carrier/baby seat, an umbrella stroller, one of those cheap booster seats with the tray for when baby is seating up at the table to eat and maybe a Diaper Genie. I hate a love/hate thing withe DG. Love it when it has room for diapers. Hated emptying and refilling.

Nice blog, MM. Best of luck.

myra said...

you've read my mind! i was so self-conscious registering, although everyone told me they wanted - needed me to. but i swear, it's so out of control. we were invited to a birthday party of a 4 yo where the child's registry at toys r us was listed on the invite. i was appalled. is this a rant within your rant? sorry, didn't mean to hijack.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Off topic, but you might want to make the e-mail address on your Blogger profile page available to the public - that way I can reply directly to your comments. I use a separate e-mail just for blogging, myself.

It would be fun to send in tips to WSJ - useful ones, just to let them know how lame they are!

The Girl Next Door said...

OK I a so glad we seem to be past the baby shower stage. Because most of those ideas are DUMB. And I did have twins, but we still did not get 2 of everything - just 2 high chairs, cribs and car seats. everything else - SHARE!!!!

Amy said...

Mom- The swing was nice and made sense, Boy 2 just didn't like it! And what would be the point of my pac n play if you had your own!

Always Home- Thanks for visiting. And I agree with the high chair. That's why we got the cheap one that converts into the booster!

Myra- You can rant within my rant. It's ok :-) And I agree about the b-day registries. I too have been subjected to those!

TGND- I can't wait to be past the baby shower stage! If only my friends would stop reproducing!

SC- Thanks for the tip. In case anyway cares - I did set up a new email. It is

Lilith Silvermane said...

I love baby showers, but mainly because I never get anything off the registry, I make a diaper cake or a diaper wreath, it's cute, you can decorate with it, and they can use the diapers afterwards!

As for useless items... I agree about the wipe heater and the highly expensive strollers, I don't get it.

I'm more simple, tons of those bag Pjs, onesies...
Oh.. however I must say... BABY LEGS are a necessity! I must have them, they are cute, great for when little ones start to crawl and well.. did I say cute?

Great blog BTW!

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