Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatdya Been Up To? Part 1

Lets see, where do I start?  My last day of work for the summer was last Wednesday.  I was able to skip out of work early, grab the kids, and hit the road.

We headed out to my parents second home in West Virginia.  (and yes, Dad, I am counting this one too.)  Over Memorial Day weekend we were out there (I just went to link to the post and realized, that I never posted about it...oops.) to spend the long weekend and I ended up buying a new dining room table.

It's beautiful!  I'm so in love!

 (And no, this is not my house.  It is the stock photo)

Only problem was they had to order it and my parents wouldn't be back to West Virginia until mid July.  And Little Miss Impatient (that's me) couldn't wait that long for them to bring it home.  So I went to get it myself.  I wish there was some entertaining story to go along with this, but it all went off without any problems.

The kids had a blast running amok in the woods

and through the paths.

I on the other hand had a blast taking pictures of flowers

and more flowers

and some wild life

and of course lots of the kids

There's still more to come from our time MIA .  I'll eventually get caught up.


Mrs. Wifey said...

I have that exact kind of dining too.

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