Tuesday, June 8, 2010

IEPs and Countdowns

As I suspected yesterday, my initial IEP meeting with the school did NOT go well this morning. It is very frustrating!

There were 6 school personal in the meeting and me. Unfortunately, I feel that they had already made their decision that my son would not be evaluated by a special educator before I even came into the meeting. They didn't seem to listen to or even validate my concerns. They basically told me that the warning signs and symptoms that I've noticed over the past several years are normal and that he will grow out of them and if by 3rd grade he hasn't grown out of them, then and only then would they consider testing him!

My response, "so basically you're telling me that I'm suppose to allow my son to spiral downwards to where he absolutely hates school and then evaluate him when it's possibly too late?"

This philosophy SUCKS and is totally unacceptable!

Lucky for me and little does the school know, I already have an appointment scheduled with an internationally recognized institution dealing specifically with pediatric developmental disabilities. I'm hoping that together with them, we will be able to come up with a game plan. (I'm not ready to give out any more information on this as of now but will update when I feel the time is ready.)

On to other unrelated news and in case anyone has been wondering how I've decided to start counting days/weeks/months:
I'll be starting from the date he reported to the mob site which is also the date his orders started. So we are half-way through week 9! Woo-hoo! 58 days down!

Trying to find that silver lining....


Renee said...

Ugh...school systems/administration can be so difficult to deal with! A parent's urgency is not theirs until it's too late. I'm happy to hear that you have Plan B!

I'm going to email you the Circle of Freedom that I use..

Kelli said...

Yeah for the silver lining!!!

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