Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Icing on The Cake

So we had our first ER visit of this deployment today.

That is a picture of my poor two year old's head after a fall at daycare. Now daycare calls quite frequently telling me that he has fallen and gotten a bruise but when they called today and said I needed to come - I'll be honest - I panicked.

We went off to the ER and lucky for us the pediatric side had just opened and we were their first patients of the morning. I say lucky for us, because this was the fastest ER visit we've ever had. We were in and out within an hour!

They obviously said it wasn't anything too serious and that it looks far worse than it actually is. I'm just watching him closely for the rest of the day and hopefully all will go well.

This is all just the icing on the cake of the past 7 days and I'm hoping it's over now. Last Tuesday night, my 2 year old was up vomiting but otherwise no other symptoms or problems. I kept him home half-day on Wednesday and he was fine.

I went back to work on Thursday only to have the nurse come down and tell me that my 9 year old has an ear infection. I left work again and took her to the doctors where they confirmed yes, she did have an ear infection.

Then Saturday evening my 2 year old develops a fever that lasted until yesterday, only for this to happen to him today. I'm really hoping this whirlwind of sickness/doctor visits is over. At least for a couple months...I don't know how much more I'll be able to take!


Kelli said...

=( Wow! I hope it's all over too!!!

Jessica said...

bless your heart...what a week you've had =(
hope it gets better =)

Tiffanie said...

Oh my goodness!!! Poor brother!!! I hope he is feeling better!!! I hope you have a better week!!!

The Household 6 Diva said...

(hugs) it's murphys deployment law.

When hubby leaves - chaos ensues!

Thank goodness for Tricare right? :)

shan said...

Oh no! I just saw this (DAYS late) and I hope the little guy's head looks way better now.

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