Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 weeks vs 7 weeks

Today marked the 2 week mark since my husband has actually left the country.

I'm still undecided how I actually want to count down the days though. From the time he left for the mob site or the time he actually left the country?

If I count from the time he reported to the mob site then Sunday had been 7 weeks already!

How does everyone else count down the days?


Tiffanie said...

I've always done it by the deployed out of the country date...last time Kyler & I counted out the days & made a chain like you do when you count down for Christmas...he loved it! Of course it wasn't exact cause dates always change...but that was with a 7 month deployment...I can't imagine cutting 365 papers...I'd have a chain running through my entire house! HAHA...same with you!

Jessica said...

I always count it from the time he left for the mob site...since he is not at home.

Renee said...

Hey Amy... I count from the first day of his orders (typically the day they leave for MOB)....that was the beginning of the deployment. I am trying to mark each 25 days by doing something to celebrate. We've just gone through day 50 not long ago and I'm looking for day 75!!

How are you doing?

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