Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

Too many random thoughts to actually get a true post out, so here's what I have:
  • Why is it that replacement batteries for the smoke detector cost ten dollars?
  • I had my first spider free Thurday night last week, I'm hoping for another this week.
  • I'm stressed out planning the youngest's birthday party this weekend, wondering how I'm gonna make it through two more this year.
  • I've never admitted to anyone but my husband before, but I have thoughts of having another.
  • I think I'm allergic to Snuggle fabric sheets.
  • I don't know how much more dog shedding I can take this season.
  • I really need to get back to going to the gym and eating healthy next week.
  • We're on day 79 of deployment.
  • Only 6 million some odd seconds left of deployment, 113 thousand some odd minutes left.
  • I still have cable even though I canceled it well over a month ago and turned in the equipment.
  • I really need to get to the doctors about getting some sleep aid.


TJ said...

Random responses

- just get the batteries
- glad to hear about the spider free week
- the party will go fine, you always make it happen
- open for discussion, i'll support your decision
- stop using snuggle
- you better not shave my dog
- you look beautiful my dear, don't change a thing
- only xxx days til R&R, can't wait
- i'll be home soon enough, just in time for you to want me to go back
- free cable means free Cowboy games, hell yeah
- not that u need beauty sleep but if u must

Love u

shan said...

I had my own comment all ready to go, but then I read TJ's and well, damn, it just made me miss the two of you and home and relationships and everything that much more. Can you please tell me why I'm suddenly crying with homesickness over here?

tiffer said...

I am surprised you didn't have a coupon for the smoke detector batteries!

Jenny got that fur eater thing that we talked about and loves it, or I say shave the dog....it will grow back fast :-)

I think you should have another....we can do it together! :-)

Maybe I should cancel my cable, so that I can have it but just not pay for it...its expensive!

Renee said...

TJ's response stole the show!! I say suck it up and buy the batteries..yea for no spiders!...you youngest will not care about the food, decorations or entertainments - it's all about the birthday cake and presents! shave the dog ~ it'll grow back before TJ gets home! MMM...R&R (what a sweet sound) - I can't wait - we are pushing towards day 100!!!! Get sleep any way you can get it!

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