Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Miss.....

Here are some snippets from a recent chat with my husband:

3:02 PM me: Miss your smile
  Miss when you squint your eyes
  Miss your touch
  Miss your scent
3:03 PM 
  Miss you in bed with me
    Miss your arms around me
3:04 PM Miss taking showers with you
  Miss you rubbing my butt
  Miss you scratching my back
3:05 PM Miss sitting around the fire with you
  Miss playing cards
3:06 PM Miss your kisses
  Should I keep going?
 anthonylloyd1: you can it's making me smile
3:07 PM 
 me: Miss having to pick out clothes for you
3:08 PM Miss you folding laundry
  Miss cooking with you
  Miss snuggling on the couch with you
  Miss watching Friends or House or Deadliest Catch with you.
3:09 PM anthonylloyd1: i miss....
3:10 PM anthonylloyd1: you rubbing my head while you read a book
  miss cooking breakfast on the weekends
  miss you yelling at me to stay on my side of the bed
3:11 PM miss you coming up behind me while I look out the front window
  miss watching you try to pick out clothes at night
  miss kissing you good bye in the morning
3:12 PM miss cuddling up to you at night
3:13 PM miss kissing your neck
  miss you handing me my towel when I get out of the shower
3:14 PM   miss cleaning the dishes after dinner
3:15 PM miss our quality time
   miss holding your hand while I drive

I was crying by the end of it then, and I'm crying again now as I re-read all of them.

It's amazing all the little things you take for granted until you don't have them.

I miss you love!  Hurry home!


Mrs. B said...

Awwww, that was the sweetest thing.

Renee said...

Amy..these just made me smile! We are getting through this one "miss" at a time!

Mrs. Wifey said...

You guys seems so happily in love. I love that!

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