Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doctors and Countdowns, Oh My!

Tomorrow we continue our very long journey to hopefully finding some answers.  If you missed it before or are new around here - you can read a little about it: here, here and here

We go to see some of the best doctors in the state tomorrow and while I know I won't have any answers tomorrow, I'm hopeful that those answers will be right around the corner and we will see a much improved upon school year for my oldest son next year. 

I know I've been hit or miss around here lately, but I'm really hoping to get a true update on our chaotic two weeks up sometime this week.  Please bear with me as I attempt to figure out ways to deal with the stress and emotions, which seem to be coming at me left and right these days - all of which I'm sure many of you are experiencing as well.

(I know that's very vague.  But I promise when the time is right, I'll give more details.) 

Also - I haven't given an updated countdown recently.  Today was day 91, the start of week 13!  I'm so excited to see the days finally start to tick away.  We are nearing day 100!  And as I said before, Renee got me into celebrating every 25 days.  This time I have plans in the making to spend a day at the spa!  Massage, mani and pedi - here I come!  (Really, I'm using a gift card from my birthday back in March but I'm using it to celebrate)

I really can't believe we are almost a quarter of the way done!  When I put it into those terms it doesn't seem anywhere near as daunting. I can't wait to have my hubby back in my arms again!

PS.  To my hubby:  Missing you like crazy love!  Love you mean it!


Mrs. Wifey said...

Goodluck with the doctor's visit honey. All the best -:)

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