Monday, July 5, 2010

My Baby Is Three!

My youngest turned three today!  It's so hard to believe that the time has gone by this quickly.  He has grown into a very independent, energetic, smart, handsome little boy before my very eyes!  Of course he's three and so there is also the sassy-ness that comes along with that, but we are trying to squash that pretty quickly.

Of course this is also the first kids birthday that my husband has ever missed and while the kids seem to be holding up just fine I'm the one who is really struggling these last few days!  I completely stressed myself out over his party on Saturday and come to find out, I shouldn't have because besides his parents, my parents and my grandmother - no one bothered to show up!  Actually some of them never even bothered to tell me one way or the other if they were going to come at all!

And what's even more upsetting than that, today on his actual birthday, the only one who called to wish him a happy birthday, was his Daddy!   (Daddy calling is not the upsetting part, the only is)  Can someone please explain to me how my husband can call from 6500+ miles away but not one single family member, from either side of our family, can actually call to wish him a happy birthday!  (Now, I do have to say that my sis, who is on a round the world trip, did do a birthday post for him and I wasn't really expecting her to call.)  I'm crushed! 

Back to the point of this post though.... 

Happy Birthday Dude-y!!  Mommy and Daddy love you very much!

(yes, I call him that and yes is sounds like the same word for poopy.  But that's not that weird because my oldest is called Knucklebutt (which has over the years been shortened to Butt) and my middle son we use to call FatBoy (until he called someone fat one day in the grocery store and didn't know he shouldn't) and my husband and I call each other Shithead and Shitface.)*

*all names truly are given out of love.  And when our oldest asked us (well actually my husband) to stop calling her that out in public, we complied; which we will do with all of them.  The youngest still loves it and gets upset if I call him anything else!  Please... I really don't need anyone to harass me about my kids nicknames today.


Renee said...

Happy Birthday to your Little Guy!!! I'm happy to hear that your husband got to call!

I HATE when people do not bother to call or show up for an event! I just went through a similar thing with a "Family Cookout" on July get what's left of my family together. Other than my sister (who lives with me, my niece, my daughter...and my neighbors...that was all that bothered! It sent me spiraling yesterday!

shan said...

Well, I know that Dad and Kathy were there for his party on Saturday so they've already wished him a happy birthday, but does that mean that what's-her-name never called??

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