Thursday, July 22, 2010

From The Mouth Of.....

3 year-old:  Mommy, am I gonna be a mommy when I grow up?
Me:  No, you're gonna be a daddy.
3 year-old:  Yay!
3 year-old:  And then Daddy will be a little kid!
Me:  {laughing}
Me:  No, then Daddy will be a Pop.
3 year-old:  {laughing hysterically} 
3 year-old:  No he won't!

You gotta love their innocence!


Renee said...

Too sweet!

A Marine's Wife! said...

theres an award for you over at my page!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Too cute :)

shan said...

I love that nugget! (I love the other two also, of course!)

Kayla Sue said... cute! I can't wait until my little tot starts saying those darn cute things :)

shan said...

Hello? You still out there? For those of your readers ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET, five days is a long time to not hear from a person. :-)

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