Monday, July 19, 2010


I don't normally post/promote PR related material - but this one I couldn't pass up!  (I wasn't asked to post this and all views and opinions are my own.)

Sometime way back in February, I signed up with BSM Media to receive the new MOM magazine.  I'll be honest, I sign up for lots of free things - sometimes you get them and sometimes you don't.  That's just part of the "game".  Well you figure it's July and I hadn't received anything and by this time had honestly completely forgotten about it.

On Saturday, I open the front door and see this fairly large package sitting on my front stoop.  Originally I thought, "wow that package my husband sent me is here already?"  He said it would take 7-10 days and it had only been 3.  Then I realized it was a Fed-Ex package and I thought "wow, he sent it Fed-Ex so it would get here sooner!".

Except it wasn't from him....

Instead it was an awesome package from MOM magazine with a copy of the new magazine.  Would you like to see all the goodies I received?

Prepare yourself, it really is amazing!

I got all of this stuff for FREE!  When I took the time to add up the value of everything; it is over $200 worth of stuff! 

Here is everything I got:

A $50 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs.  I have looked at this site so many times and I can't wait to order this!

A sample of cards and a stamper from  I personally think it's a little on the pricey side for custom stamps - but than again; that may be why I don't have any to begin with.

A Sterns Puddle Jumper.  My youngest is going to love this!  He loves his floaties but lately they have been cutting into his skin because he refuses to get out of the pool to take a break!  This doesn't look like it will be an issue with this.

A MAM bottle and jump drive.  The jump drive is a pacifier and is so cute!

IntelliGender baby prediction kit.  I honestly didn't know this type of thing existed or if it would even truly work but it looks like it would be fun to try out.  (Not that I'm pregnant or anything!)

Some samples of announcements, cards and invitations from Paperspring with a $50 gift card!  I have fallen in love with their DNA cards and holiday cards and can't wait to place an order. 

A gift certificate for a set of Colourful Sticky Labels from Mabel's Labels.  I've already ordered mine with our last name so that all the kids will be able to use them.

A printable collection from The Celebration Shoppe which includes cupcake wrappers, cupcake picks, placecards, straw slips, favor tags, cello toppers & napkin rings.  They supply the template and then you can print as many copies as you need.  That's an awesome concept!

There was also a Nuby No Spill sippy cup and a Bummis cloth diaper.  Neither of which I'll need at this stage of life but will be great to have on hand for my gift closet.

 A package of Boogie Wipes as well as scented samples and a coupon.  Again another interesting idea that I can't wait to use on my kids.  (Not that I'm hoping for snotty noses anytime soon!)

Another stationary sample from Tiny Prints with a coupon code for 20% off.  They definitely have some stuff I'll be using but can't post about it just yet :-)

And then there were some Wikki sticks that I'll be holding onto to put in the kids stockings for Christmas. 

And of course, the summer issue of MOM magazine; which I have to say, I'm quite impressed with.  I never would have found and or ordered most of the stuff I have if I hadn't received all of this in the mail.  And to top it all off, the letter that came with the package, said they would be sending out a back to school package AND a holiday package!  I'm so excited!


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