Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Whirlwind.....

That is the only way to describe these past few weeks.  I have pretty much decided that there is no way other than bullet points to update everything that has gone on.  So here it goes:

  • The kids spent a week home from summer camps and daycare and we did various day trips.
  • We went to the Splash Playground at South Germantown park.
(Orangutans crossing in the zoo!)
(Playing with new toys with Pop)
  • We went to see fireworks with some friends. 
  • My youngest turned 3!
  • I dealt with stress stemming from this post.
  • It was discovered that my oldest son was covered in poison ivy.
  • The kids all had their annual physicals.
  • I had another dentist appointment.
  • I attended my first Hearts Apart meeting with a friend.  
  • I argued with Concordia and my dentist over some charges. 
  • I took a mid-term for school. 
  • I've been missing my husband like crazy!
  • I spent a day at the pool by myself relaxing.
  • It appears my youngest is beginning to suffer from separation anxiety.
  • We enjoyed the company of some friends for a friends birthday party.
  • We spent some more family time at the pool.  (My youngest is turning into a fish!)
  • I took my oldest son to be evaluated.
This is the basics of our whirlwind that has been our past 2 1/2 weeks.  I am so ready for things to slow down a little and try to enjoy some of what is left of the summer.  I really need to work or de-stressing and trying to regain some of my emotional stability. 

Next week, my daughter has another week off of summer camp and we'll be redecorating her room - stay turned for updates on that....  (reminder to self:  take pics of her room currently)


shan said...

* Day trips. . .wasn't that a fulfillment of a goal of some sort? :-)
* Seeing orangutans in the zoo is almost as good as seeing them in the wild. Lol.
* I saw Toy Story 3, too! Wasn't it good?
* Nice shot of the fireworks.
* Poison ivy, separation anxiety, evaluations, AND dentists?! Geez Louise.

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