Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 75

Today marked day 75 of my husband's deployment!  Woohoo!  Almost to the 100 day mark!

Several weeks ago, Renee and I were discussing how she does something every 25 days to celebrate and countdown the days during deployment; and I so stole the idea from her.

With today marking 75 days, I decided to have a spa day.  Except it wasn't at a spa.  Another friend of mine works part time in a salon and normally does my hair out of her house.  I normally have boundaries as to what she can and can't do with my hair.  Today I had no such things.

I told her to do whatever she wanted and she gladly excepted the challenge.

Here are some before photos:

(my hair is naturally curly and I hate it)
(although I don't really care for it straight either)

(yes, I know it's quite scary, but I think it's funny)


I absolutely love it!  

My husband originally told me he didn't mind the cut but thought the color was too blond after I sent him these pictures.  Later when we Skyped, he told me it didn't look so blond anymore and it wasn't too bad.

I hope everyone else has their own special ways to mark the days!  What do you do?


Expat Girl said...

I love the hair and I think its a great idea to do something every 25 days, I am almost at day 200 now so I might start this trend!

tiffer said...

Wow! I love it! The cut looks great on you!

Mrs. B said...

The cut is aweome! It looks great. I think I might totally steal this idea from you since I am only on day 7! Thanks for the idea!

Renee said...

Amy - I LOVE the hair cut & color!! Congratulations on celebrating day 75 (and yea! for stealing the idea to mark each 25 days!)
Wednesday was my day 75 - I spent it at a wonderfully informative conference. Not necessarily the celebration I wanted, but I did some awesome networking!
Day 100 will be here before we know it! Where are we going/meeting/celebrating?

shan said...

Whoa! Nice! How will I ever recognize you when I finally get home??

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