Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Final - I'm Moving!!

OMG! I get out of the shower tonight and I'm thinking of this awesome post that I'm putting together in my head (which will come eventually if I actually ever remember it now...) as I walk into my bedroom and proceed to get ready for bed.

I remember I forgot to take my antibiotics (from some mysterious insect bite that has some sort of infection) and go to walk back upstairs when I almost step on this:

You have got to be fucking kidding me!

I know, it's no where near as big as the last one - but seriously this is starting to freak me out! I am so calling the exterminator first thing tomorrow morning!

I don' t even know if it's the same type of spider but I can't take this anymore.

And it was in my bedroom! How am I ever going to sleep?

PS. Honey if you're reading this - I'll make sure I give you the address of our new house....


tiffer said...

AHHHH! I would be freaked out too! So Gross! You can come live here! :-)!

Blessing said...

Oh mehn!!! How did it get there! Its hot, these creatures are looking for an hiding place, not your room though!!! Send him packing!

Kayla Sue said...

omfg...ANOTHER one?? that's crazy!! I'd move out asap lol

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