Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm The Perfect Mom

Well, I'm not but that's basically what this woman told me at the grocery store. (Not that I was but that she was!!)

A little bit of background:

When the kids went to the grandparents over Memorial Day weekend, Boy 2 came back pretty bruised and battered. (By no fault of them -(I love you guys) but he has those new walking feet on).

The first incident - He fell off their front porch. Now, it's only a couple inches off the ground really but it is made of concrete and there are bushes in front of it. So he fell backwards into the bushes and scrapped his face up but he was ok.

The second incident - Girl was pushing Boy 1 on the bike down the driveway (which is a slight hill). Apparently, Boy 1 fell off and scrapped his elbow a little, but was otherwise fine. So what does Boy 1 decide to do next. He decides it would be a great idea to get Boy 2 on the bike and push him down the driveway. Obviously, being 10 months old - he didn't make it very far!! So this resulted in him being slightly more scrapped and bruised.

The third incident - Repeat #1 all over again- all of these within several hours of each other!!

So needless to say, when I got to him that Monday his right cheek was all bruised and he had quite a few scratches and scabs on forehead and the right side of his head. And no, I wasn't upset over any of this as I know it happens when kids start walking (and siblings torment each other).

Ok, so that is the background. Now on to my story....

So I'm standing in line at the grocery store and I'm having a pleasant (ok, really it wasn't plesant - I'm just trying to be nice) conversation with the bagger. We were making small talk and talking about the kids. Boy 2 happened to turn his head and she said:

Bagger: Oh my God, What happened to his head?
Me: He fell off the porch as his grandparents house - no big deal really.
Bagger: Oh - he was with his grandparents??
Me: Yea, no big deal -things like that have happened with me too.

She looked at me flabbergasted like I was a horrible person.

Bagger: Oh, now see - my two sons - they NEVER got hurt when they were in my care. They NEVER were let out of my sight to even get hurt!!

I couldn't believe it! This complete stranger was basically judging me because my son had some scraps and bruises. For crying out loud - It's not like he was in a full body cast or anything!!

The whole time, I was doing my best to stay cool, calm and collected and leave as quickly as possible before I told this woman how I really felt. Which would have gone something like this. And this is still the toned down version of it:

Me: Who the hell do you think you are judging me?? I can't help it that I feel my son (and all my children for that matter) needs to be on his own two feet to explore and learn the world around him. I'm not one of those overprotective mothers who carries their child everywhere and won't put them down for fear of what will happen to them. I'm sure that your two sons are a bunch of sissy's because they never got to do those things. And besides that - I have a life - I have other things to do than hold him all day long! I guess you just have no life!!

Children are going to get bumps and bruises - they would be children if they didn't! At least that's my philosophy anyway.


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