Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Follow Up Wednesday

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal here at the new house. (Well as normal as this family can be anyway.) Boy 2 screams seldomly (spell check says that's not a word - is it??) anymore at 5:30 in the morning. Actually this morning I peeked in his room and he was awake and just playing in his crib like he normally does at home. Let me tell you - that last 1 1/2 hours of sleep - UNINTERRUPTED - it's wonderful!!

And me - it's just yesterday that I've really started to get back into the swing of things. While I've got our daily routine down - I just wasn't making my lists and things just weren't getting done. It's amazing how I really can't function without a list! (See my previous post if you don't already know about my obsession.) Anyway I started making lists again and I'm feeling a lot better. (Maybe I should form a list-makers anonymous group!?!?)

Girl and Boy 1 started swim lessons this week and it's amazing how fast they learn at this age. Boy 1 came home after the first lesson and was all - mom, watch me swim - and I was all - yea, OK sure. And than I saw him and was like, Holy Shit!!! The boy can swim!! Girl on the other hand - while she is really trying hard - she still sunk after her first lesson. After her second lesson though she was doing a lot better. Unfortunately, we got a call this morning that Girl's instructor got hurt yesterday and her lessons for today and tomorrow have been cancelled. Hopefully she doesn't forget what she's learned in the past two days.

And the best part of my week so far - knowing that by this time next week - I'll be driving back to Maryland - by MYSELF!! (and the dog but he doesn't count) Shitface and I decided that I would leave Wednesday night to go home and start cleaning the house and getting stuff ready for Boy 2's First Birthday Party that we're having there on July 5th. And than Thursday after swim lessons he would than come down with the kids.

Do you know what this means?!?!? It means that I get almost 24 hours to myself!! I never thought I would be so excited about this until I became a SAHM (while still trying to run my business). I know, I know - I've only been doing this for 1 1/2 weeks and I only have to do it til the end of summer but I miss my alone time! Don't get me wrong - I love all my kids and love spending time with them - but when you're not use to doing it all day everyday - it sure can take its toll.

Ok, well it's off to get ready for Boy 1's swim lessons. Happy Wednesday!


barbie said...

You sure are busy! I remember the days.... fondly now. My youngest is now 6, so life is busy in a different way. We are constantly moving from one sporting event to the next, but while we are watching, we are relaxing in a chair, rather than chasing a little one around. At the pool, I am able to read a book while the kids swim and play. On the flip side, my 7th grade girl needs my attention as she figures out the social world, my 6th grade boy no longer wants to sit on my lap, and my 6 year old girl acts like a 10 year old (to be like her sister). So... count your blessings and enjoy the "little kid" times! The next stage is wonderful, but has a whole new set of challenges.

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