Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not so Follow-Up Wednesday

I have nothing to follow up with for my normal follow up Wednesday. I do instead have several unrelated things to share that otherwise wouldn't make up a full post. So here goes it:

Best of Buds
Apparently while I wasn't watching Boy 2 and Klondike (that's our dog) have made a pact. A pact that allows Boy 2 to climb on, lay on, cuddle with and otherwise use as a jungle gym, Klondike in return for Boy 2 throwing his "left-overs" on the floor as payment. For the past two weeks this has been going on and I finally caught it on photo.

I'm not hiding Boy 2 because he isn't cute - he really is adorable! I just prefer not to have his face plastered on the internet!

Sweltering Heat
So as many people are - we too are in the middle of a heat wave. With temperatures nearing 100 if not actually reaching it! As I walk into Girl's room tonight to kiss her goodnight she has pants picked out to wear to school the next day. The conversation goes like this:

Me: Why do you have pants out?
Girl: Because that's what I'm wearing to school tomorrow.
Me: Why would you do that? Do you know how hot it's going to be?
Me: Just like today!!! You can't wear pants.
Girl: But I want to.
Me: Why?
Girl: Because I don't have anything else to wear.
Me: You have a drawer full of shorts - what do you mean you have nothing to wear?
Girl: They don't fit.
Me: What do you meant hey don't fit?
Girl: They don't fit - they're too tight.
Me: Why are you just now telling me this? You've seen me buying new summer clothes for your brothers. Why didn't you tell me you needed new stuff too?
Girl: I don't know.
Me: Well you're not wearing pants to school.
Girl: What am I suppose to wear than?
Me: I don't know -find something else - a dress, a skirt, even capri's are better.
Girl: Fine! I'll wear my capri's.

Why on earth she would waited till the middle of a heat wave to tell me - I will never know. But I do know I have one more thing to add to my list!

DEALS (Ok really it's just one)
Aeropostale is having a 9.99 stock up sale! And if you use coupon code: 3DAYCLEAR you'll get an additional 20% off of their clearance items. This is only good until 6/13/08 though so if you want to use it - hurry up!!


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