Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bluebird Gap Farm

Yesterday we decided to venture out again. The area really has a ton of parks and activities for the kids - the hardest part isn't trying to find a place to go but deciding which one to go to and they are all so close to our house.

I ended up picking Bluebird Gap Farm. The kids absolutely loved it! There were animals (ducks, goats, deer, llamas, cows, pigs, rabbits, turtles, etc) for them to feed, a covered area to eat lunch and a playground for them to play on. And the best part of it for me - it was FREE! We've been to several parks like this back in Maryland but to go to some of them it's as expensive as going to the Baltimore Zoo!! I think we'll definately be visiting this park again during our summer "vacation".

Here are some pictures from our trip:

This was Boy 1 right after I told him not to stick his hand in the fence, and right before he got bit by the duck!

Here's a duck butt!

And here is Girl right as she got slobbered on by the goat and right before she yelled, "Gross!!"

Here are the ducks running across the bridge to bite Boy 1. (Just kidding - they were coming to get food we threw.)

And here is Boy 2 doing what he likes best - playing with sticks and dirt!

Since my plan is to take little day trips as least once a week (in hopes that I can get them out of the house so I don't go insane) you'll probably be seeing/hearing about these frequently. Hopefully our trip next week, where ever that may be, will be just as much fun!

And in case anyone is wondering - yes, I do already have a LIST of places to go.....


danandmarsh said...

Kids always like to go see animals and such! Love to see kids they have never been around a farm check out farm animals!! Geezz when I was a kid we would sneak behind the pigs and hop on 'em and ride, til we would see daddy drive up, then we would run for the hills!!LOL

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