Saturday, June 21, 2008

At The Expense of Boy 1.....

I know I don't normally post on the weekends but I figured since I missed Monday that I would make-up for it today and I have a new funny Boy 1 story to tell. (This seems to happen all the time recently - well not this specific event but he's full of funny stories lately!)

This past Wednesday night we went to see Shitface play some ball...softball that is. Before we left the house, as we always do, I told the kids to use the bathroom. Which they did. Of course without fail - they have this sick fascination with port-a-potties, so as soon as we get there they both miraculously need to use the bathroom AGAIN!! So off they go to one of the places I find most disgusting!

Boy 1 comes back and his shirt is wet. I instantly look at his pants; as we sometimes have a problem with him wetting himself; but his pants are dry.

Me: How did you get your shirt wet?
Boy 1: I peed on it on accident.
Me: How did you pee on your shirt?
Boy 1: Well the toilet was too high and I couldn't reach it.
Me: OK, well we need to take your shirt off because it stinks.
Boy 1: But Mom....Mom.....
Me: We need to take it off!
Boy 1: But Mom, I peed on my face and my hair too!!

I think I laughed for a good 5 minutes at all of this as I tried to clean him up with baby wipes. And than when Shitface came over and I told him, I think I laughed for another 5 minutes!

I know it may sound cruel but I sure do get a lot of laughs at Boy 1's expense. I mean seriously - what good is it to have kids if they can't be your source of entertainment! :-)


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