Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It will work out - I promise - Or at least I hope!!

So as one can imagine things have been quite hectic since my last post on Friday. We had a ton of running around to do on Saturday before we actually got on the road to come to Virginia. I guess we finally got on the road around 3pm. The kids really wern't horrible on the ride down but there was of course a fair share of "don't touch me!", "leave me alone!", "I'm telling!", "are we there yet?", "mom - he/she won't.....", "get off me!", "will you shut up already!!". Oh wait - that last one was me!! Of course Shitface had a nice enjoyable ride down as all he had was the dog! I've told him next time I get the dog and he's getting the kids!

By the time we got here it was nearing 7pm and the kids hadn't eaten yet and they were tired and cranky! Shitface ran out to get a pizza (which somehow took FOREVER!!) again leaving me home with the kiddies. Boy 2 was beyond tired so I made him some Mac N Cheese and figured I would put him to bed. Oh but wait - I forgot to tell you that we didn't have a highchair yet. Being as frugal as I am - I was trying to find one on Craig's List or a thrift store and hadn't yet found one. So of course Boy 2 really didn't eat much because I couldn't get him to sit still.

So off to bed he goes! Well to his crib anyway. He proceeded to cry for about 45 minutes and by this time I couldn't take it anymore. (There was no getting away from the crying as this place is considerably smaller than our place at home - about 900 sq feet to be exact - with 5 people and a dog!!) I went in there and laid on the floor with him with my arm up in the air in between the slots on the crib! Uncomfortable yes!! But did it keep him quiet? Yes!! Well as long as I didn't try to pull my arm down. After about an hour of this - I finally decided I couldn't do this all night and hoped that he was pretty much out of it and would just fall asleep - so I crawl to the door for my escape. Of course I only made it about 2 inches from his crib before he started screaming. But I left anyway and he probably only cried for another 10 minutes before he was out.

Well out until about 5:30 am anyway, when he woke up and proceeded to scream bloody murder again!! Now this is the boy who will normally sleep until 6:45am or until you wake him and when he does wake up he'll play in his crib for sometimes up to an hour before making any real noise! So let me tell you how much a shock it was to my system to wake up at 5:30am to screaming!!

And the other two didn't sleep much past 6:20am either so it was an early morning for all - as we all slowly tried to settle in to this new place. Lunch and dinner pretty much went the same way with no high chair and little sleep and lots of screaming!

On the up side of all this though - Girl and Boy 1 love this place and think it's the next best thing to sliced bread! Of course, Shitface and I seem to think that is only because we have a pool in the backyard. Now its nothing extravagant but it's one of those above ground blow-up pools. It's about 3 feet of water with a filter and all. It's pretty nice especially since we scored it for FREE!! Yup that's right - FREE!! Well we're actually only borrowing it from one of Shitface's classmates as he isn't able to use it at his place on post.

And the even better thing is it works great on bribing the kids! "If you're not good.....you can't get in the pool", etc. It works at least for now anyway! I'll have to give you an update as to how well that continues to work this summer.

Ok back to trying to get this place up and running like an actual household is suppose to!


Shannon said...

I miss you already!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Aren't transfers fun?! It's like taking all the little details of your life, dumping them into a giant plastic bag, and shaking hard. Whee! Our last move back from Rhode Island is still burned into my soul.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

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