Monday, June 9, 2008

Rules of the Road

So I had to visit with one of my clients in Baltimore today. I had gotten all the kids into daycare at a decent time today so figured I would have an easy commute in. Boy was I wrong!!

There was a major accident on 95 S and all but one lane was closed. I don't go that way - I take Rt 40 into the city. (Which in it self isn't a terrible road - there are stop lights almost every mile if not more but if you catch the lights on a good day - it's not a bad ride.) So I figured not a big deal. Wrong! Apparently - everyone and their sister and mother and brother and father and cousin and aunt and uncle (do you get the point) thought it would be a good idea to take Rt 40. So as I sat in traffic and got cut off again and again and almost rammed into on several occasions I was coming up with my blog post for the day:

Maryland Rules of the Road

1.) We don't use turn signals to change lanes in this state! We just veer into the next lane and hope that others get out of the way in time.
2.) We don't really use turn signals at all. You just assume everyone knows which direction you are turning!
3.) When on a ramp onto a major highway - we stop - even though the traffic sign clearly says YIELD and not STOP!
4.) If your not talking on your cell phone or trying to send a text message (while driving)- than you shouldn't be driving in this state.
5.) If by chance we don't stop (see #3); we speed up excessively in order to speed down the merge lane and cut off every single person in the right lane. (only to continue at a below the speed limit speed)
6.) If we are in the fast lane and someone comes up behind you going faster - we don't move over a lane for them to pass. We just keep on going at our S-L-O-W speed and wait for them to go around us.
7.) If the car in front of you is there for even one nanosecond after the light turns green - its OK to lay on your horn and scream profanities at them.
8.) It is completely acceptable to tailgate.
9.) Traffic circles - they just don't work in this part of the country! We drive in which ever lane we want to get to where ever we want - it doesn't matter!
10.) When the light turns red - it's OK for at LEAST two more cars to go through it - as long as your in a hurry!

So after about 45 minutes of sitting in traffic, I had only traveled about 8 miles from my house. So I did what every one would do - I turned around and went home! Ok, maybe everyone wouldn't do that but I sure do!

It would have been nice if someone had alerted me of the horrible traffic this morning (don't ask who should of - but someone should of dam't!!).


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