Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Deployment Goals Revisited

Way back in February of last year I came up with a list of deployment goals.  I revisited them once before here but since deployment will be coming to an end soon, I figured it would be time to revisit those goals.

1. Read at least 12 books. This accounts to at least one book a month. Shouldn't be too hard but we'll see what happens with my course load. I also want to try to integrate some self-help type books into that mix as well...   COMPLETED.  I don't know how many I've actually read but it's been way more than 12.  Since Christmas alone I've already read 6 books.  

2. Complete at least 4-5 classes towards my graduate degree. So far I've completed three and I just enrolled in my fourth. If I complete 4-5 next year, I'll be more than half way done my degree.  ALMOST COMPLETED.  I am half way done with my master's degree but I took this semester off.  I figured with homecoming and family vacations coming up I wouldn't want to worry about school.  

3. Take a picture a day. My ultimate goal with these pictures would be to email one picture a day to SF.  FAIL.  I was really good at first about taking pictures all the time.  My camera was attached to me.  But that only lasted about 2 months.  I do send my husband a nightly photo of me - does that count??  

4. Lose 10 pounds. This has been an ongoing goal. We'll see how it goes.  FAIL.  If my goal was to gain 10 pounds, I'd be good.  However, I've gotten back to the gym and have already started losing weight.  Maybe I'll still be able to lose 10 before he comes home but then I'll still have another 10 to lose.

5. Send B (ako Girl) to Operation Purple Camp. While the locations of the camps have not yet been released - I would love to be able to send her for a week. I'm also not sure of the age limits either but if G (ako Boy 1) meets the age limits I would consider sending him as well.  FAIL.  We sent the application within hours of registration opening and she was not accepted.  I still do this day have no idea why.  I've tried emailing and calling them several times and I have never gotten a response.  This is one program that I've been highly disappointed in.  I wanted to be in love with it like everyone else - I guess that just wasn't in our cards.

6. Plan at least 6 outings/day trips during the summer with the kids. I don't plan on the older two being in summer camp at the CYS all summer because I want to be able to do things with them too. I'm thinking they'll be in camp at CYS for four or five of the eight weeks...  COMPLETED.  While I know I don't remember all things that we did over the summer - we did do a lot.  We did many day trips to different places in the area that we had never been to as well as many days spent at the pool.

7. Pay off as many bills as possible. I'd love to be debt free, except for the mortgage and one truck payment if at all possible - but those goals maybe set too high, especially since I'm not sure how much "extra" money we'll be getting.  ALMOST COMPLETE.  It looks like it's gonna happen after all.  By the time my husband gets home we should only have a mortgage payment and a cadet loan!  We are so excited about this.

8. Finish at least one home improvement project. God knows there are MANY that are not complete! I'm not sure which one I want to tackle yet though.  COMPLETE?  I've done a lot around the house.  Have I finished the drywall or baseboards that I'm sure I was referencing in this, no.  But I've done plenty else to say/feel that I've completed this one.  Everything else can wait until the professionals come in.

9. Decide on paint color for the kitchen and PAINT it! This goes along with goal #8 but this will be a new project not a half finished project waiting to be completed.  COMPLETE.  Not only did I paint the kitchen but I also got all new decor and a new dining room table and buffet.  Months later, and I still love it.

10. Visit my parents WV Place at least three times. I know that doesn't sound like many times but it would be way more than I've gotten there in the past few years.  NOT QUITE.  I've been twice.  Maybe I'll be able to get one more visit in during spring break with the kids?  We'll have to see about this one.  And my kids have all been a handful of times too without me - does that count?

11. Going skiing/snowboarding with my brother and sister at least once. We had so much fun the last time we went. Maybe this time we could make a whole weekend out of it.  FAIL.  Although this isn't my fault.  The whole surgery thing kinda screwed me up.

12. De-clutter! I'm tired of all the useless crap we have around the house. It's time to get rid of it and what better time to do it when there is no one that can object.  COMPLETE and still working on it.  I have donated a ton of stuff so far this year.  And I just sold almost $300 worth of stuff on E-bay.  And I'm planning a yard sale in March so I've been saving all of my normal donations for that.  I think I've done an awesome job of this so far.  Although I'm sure I'll still find even more.

So there you have it.  If you ask me, I've done a pretty good job on most of these.  Some of them failed because of reasons that I couldn't control, so I don't feel bad about those.  Some of them failed just because life got in the way.  Such is my life though.  


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