Monday, February 21, 2011

Android Apps

After several weeks of researching phones, I finally got my new phone on Friday.  I decided to get the Samsung Transform.   It is taking a lot of getting use to (and the weekend hasn't left much time to actually play around with it) but I think so far I really like it.  The touch screen is probably the hardest for me to get use to.

I use to have a Blackberry and I thought I loved that phone - but I didn't know all that I was missing until now.   I always heard people talk about apps and yes, the Blackberry does have apps but nothing near what this does! In my little bit of free time this long weekend, I've been downloading and playing with various apps.

One of my favorites so far is the Calorie Counter by Fat Secret.  I used this app on my Blackberry so it was one of the first I downloaded but it is by far better with the android phone!  I can simply scan any bar code of something I've eaten and it adds it into my daily calorie intake diary.  No more searching forever and finally settling on what seems to fit best.

Another one that I downloaded tonight that I think I'll love is Key Ring.  You scan all of your rewards cards into this app and then you have them all in one place.  You simply show the cashier your phone and there is the bar code.  No more lugging around all those rewards cards.

So I'm looking for your suggestions.  Do you use android apps?  Which ones are your favorite?



Renee said...

I just got an LG Dare and I am getting used to the touch screen too. In May I will be able to upgrade and have been looking at the Droid (Verizon). I love the app you got that does the calorie counting!!

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