Wednesday, February 2, 2011

November Part 2

If you missed the first half of my recap of the month you can find it here.  

By that weekend (I had surgery on Wednesday); the kids had gone with my parents and I was on my own to take care of not only myself but my dog.  Even though my doctor told me I could walk on my foot - it was unbearable.  I spent most of the weekend either hopping or crawling to where I needed to be.  That made things like filling the dogs water bowl pretty complicated.  Lets just say he drank a lot of bottled water that weekend as that was the only way I could do it without spilling water everywhere.  

I think it was probably Tuesday (not even a week) before I begged my friend Jamie to come pick me up and get me out of my house.  I just couldn't take being cooped up any longer.  She did of course and we went to Target; our favorite store!  I don't remember the last time I laughed as much as I did that day as I rode around in the motorized scooter bumping into things left and right.  It was definitely what I needed to get out of my funk.  

The kids were back home for two days (Monday and Tuesday) before I sent them off to the other grandparents house for the Thanksgiving holiday so I could attempt to finish recoup-orating.  I was probably the most depressed I've been this whole deployment during this time.  Again I was home alone with the holidays approaching and not only was my husband deployed but my kids were gone too. 

I decided to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with friends instead of family.  My thought process went like this: if I didn't have my husband and my kids - I didn't want to be around any family.  I was depressed enough as it was and I was sure that being with extended family would only make me miss MY family even more.  

While no one came right out and said it, I got the feeling that my family was a little upset about my decision not to join them.  They just didn't get my reasoning - they kept saying they were MY family.  Then again; none of them have had a spouse deployed, let alone deployed over the holidays - so I didn't exactly expect them to get it.  

I pretty much spent that entire week planted on my friend Jamie's couch with her and her husband.  They would come pick me up every morning and take me home every night so that I could still care for my dog.  They also fed me an awesome Thanksgiving dinner!  They did everything and anything I asked of them - and I truly don't know if I will ever be able to repay them.  

The whole not driving thing lasted for about 3 weeks before I had had enough and started driving again.  I got tired of feeling like I had to constantly entertain because there was always someone here.  It was nice at first but after being on my own for so many months; it started to get old.  I just wanted to be alone again!  (I know that sounds crazy).

So that brings us up to December.  Stay turned for another post with December's high points and low points.  


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