Friday, February 18, 2011

Weight Loss Journey

I know I've mentioned several times that I want/need to lose weight.  The amount I've wanted to lose has also fluctuated quite a bit as I seemed to of gained quite a few pounds towards the middle of  this stupid deployment.

I've decided that I'm finally ready to really lose this weight, so I can be super sexy when my husband comes home.  The other thing I've been contemplating is actually discussing numbers.  I was already to discuss the number of pounds I've lost but what my actual weight was took a lot more convincing on my part.

It wasn't until last week that I finally told my husband what my true weight was!  And now I'm finally ready to share with everyone else too.

I know most people weigh in on a Sunday or Monday but I've decided to do it on Friday's.  I know that I generally "cheat" more on the weekends and don't want that Monday number to discourage me.

So here is where I currently stand:

Starting Weight  ???  (I was afraid of the number so I didn't weigh in till the end of week 1)
Week 1  ???  (145.6)
Week 2  -3 lbs  (142.6)
Week 3  -2 lbs  (140.6)
Week 4  -1 lbs  (139.6)
Week 5  -1.4 lbs  (138.2)

Total loss so far  7.4 lbs!

I know this isn't a huge amount but I feel good about it.  I'm not starving myself and I'm still treating myself to one Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee a week and generally one meal at a fast food restaurant during the course of the weekend.

I have 13.2 more pounds to loose but at this rate, I'm hopeful that I'll almost be where I want to be when my husband gets home!

(P.S.  In case anyone is wondering - I'm short - I'm only 5'1")


Renee said...

Amy - that's awesome!! 7.4 is a HUGE celebration!! Keep it up, girl!!!

Ailinh Harris said...

Great job! Hey, 7.4 lbs is definitely a great accomplishment! You go girl!

Jessica said...

Great job! keep it up! I too am on a mission to loose weight before Hubby comes home (though I have much, much more to loose than you)

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